Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick's!

Golly, it feels like a reading day, doesn't it? So I suppose that's what I'll do, and maybe some writing if I'm lucky. After yesterday's battle with word count and scene structure, I may have to take a break. Maybe some nintendo? After my reading of course.
Oddly enough, Legend of Zelda always inspires me. I don't know why, but the games are just... so well done. Puzzles, plotlines that are interesting but not detracting from gameplay, amazing battle format... I love it. Final Fantasy's battlestyle is a little hectic, at least in the games I've played, and I much prefer LoZ's format. But that's just me, a loyal nintendo girl.
Oh, and normally's advice is a little too simplistic, but their writer's block advice is pretty solid. Here ya go:
And here are some writing exercises:
Also, an amazing piece of advice:
You have to be willing to write badly.
Now go forth!


Tahereh said...

nice!! thanks so much for the links! so helpful!


Bethany Elizabeth said...

My pleasure - don't you love the internet? :)