Tuesday, 30 March 2010

If Life Went the Way I Wanted It To...

I would co-write a book with someone.


Because sometimes, I don't want to write epic fantasy. Sometimes I want to write YA, or horror, or mystery, or PG Romance for pity's sake. But whenever I try, my muse is like.. "What the heck are you doing? You're cheating on me! This is your fantasy world, your get-away, and now you want to leave me for some other... genre!?!?!" And I feel guilty, and stare blankly at the computer until tears of frustatration at my life are running down onto the broken keyboard. (seriously, I'm missing like 3 keys) Okay, not quite, but that muse can be so darn persuasive.

After reading this post at Lisa and Laura Write, I realized just how badly I want a sister/best friend to do crazy things with. I'm really more a 'tons of really good friends' kind of person than a 'one best friend' gal, but that's not because I don't want a best friend, I've just... never had one. At least not since sixth grade. I'm in France now (which is lovely,) and there are so many wonderful people here, but I'm leaving in a few months, so I'm sort of unwilling to really befriend people my age.

Wait, I lost my point. Oh yes!

I really think that, if it were a project with a friend, I'd be able to write in another genre. I could probably do it myself (and I'm trying!) but writing is such an important part of my life, I want to trust someone with it, share it with someone.

Sorry for my pity-party post! I'll be back in happy-land tomorrow. :D


Icy Roses said...

One of my writer friends and I seriously considered co-authoring a novel, but we decided against it because there are so many things that could go wrong. Like getting in fights over not being able to compromise on ideas. Or incompatible writing styles. Or incompatible writing habits.

Mainly, ruining the friendship. Lisa and Laura can probably do it because they're sisters and they have to make up eventually, haha.

I admit, if it could work, it sounds like awesome fun. :)

thewickedstepmother said...

You have a wonderful, creative style in your writing. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It isn't easy to trust and allow someone to become a part of your life, especially knowing that it will be short term...but I have found that the people God brings into our lives always leave behind a gift that we can cherish forever, it's always worth taking the chance to share your life and joy and passion with another....no matter the outcome!!

beth said...

Oh, no. I don't think I could ever write with a partner. I'm much too bossy!!! :)