Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wait, you're serious?

I have a confession to make, are you ready? Alright, here goes - I'm a disorganized writer. Please, hold the gasping, anyone who knows me isn't really that surprised. But what surprised me is how organized some writers are. I was reading Elizabeth George's Write Away and I can't believe how much thought she puts into plotting. Over the course of the book, she talks about outlines, detailed outlines, and scene descriptions, all before writing the actual first draft.

Am I the only one who ever sat down with a notebook and just wrote?

Now don't get me wrong - whatever works, works, and I admire Elizabeth George for her ability to do all that pre-writing and not get bogged down with the details. And I'm always up for character sheets, because honestly, who hasn't found during the editing process that the mysterious man mysteriously changed his eye color from blue to brown between pages 4 and 32?

Another organized author is Jim Butcher, and he's helped the writing community immensely by putting his writing stratagies up online (http://jimbutcher.livejournal.com/). I love his books, and they are very intricate at points, which is undoubtedly due to his plotting.

Anyway, what about you guys? Organized, or a mess, like me?

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Ash said...

I always need to have a character outline before I write and I normally have a general idea of where the story is going. If I get a good idea for a scene or two then I might jot them down so I don't forget but other than that I'm a free writer. I don't like plotting it all out - it ruins the story for me. I like being able to write and experience the surprises as if I was the reader. My characters walk me through the first draft, egging me along with promises of surprises and interesting scenes and fights and cookies.

I've tried the whole plotting thing and I got bored with that story before I even finished the first chapter. A sad thing, really, considering it could've been a very interesting novel.