Monday, 8 March 2010

Winter Wishing

Well, hello there.
I know this is sudden, but I feel an instant connection with you. Is it fate, is it destiny? We haven't known each other long, but.... how can we deny what's happening? Sweet, tempting fate, deliver us from peril as we dive recklessly into the world of words. As I dare to write, and you, dear reader, dare to read.
You may say I'm insane, and that's fair enough, I suppose I am. but I'm also a writer, and that is the part of my identity that I will introduce myself as. Faint stars glisten in the skies above, and I tell you their formation. Oceans roar and toss the ship, and I tell you the adventures her waves send me to. The forest burns in wartime, and I tell you of the kings that are to blame.
And you, dear reader, must do the same. Tell me, write to me, and I will write to you. Together, we will enrich the world.

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