Thursday, 18 March 2010

Would an Article or a Picture Be More Nutritious?

Did you know that there’s a never-ending supply of food for thought? It’s everywhere! I’ve run into so much ‘thought food’ today, I’m just trying desperately to digest it, as I simultaneously digest this yummy French bread. Mmmm!
Walking through the narrow streets of Lyon today, tugging along Chauncey on his leash, I just thought about how beautiful France is – but not because it’s France. We walked to the Saône River, and she was wild, and gray, and carried the wind on her back, bringing the passion of nature into the comfort of the city. If I could’ve bottled that air and brought it back to my small fourth floor apartment, I would’ve. But I can still hear Lady Saône in my memory, and that’s enough.
Returning to the apartment with a thoroughly worn out dog (he’s getting old) I headed toward my Bible study – we’re meeting tomorrow, and I never said I wasn’t a procrastinator – and dove into James. Do I really need to go into the thought food that provided? Saved by grace, faith proven by works, or both? Worlds of thought there. My old pink and orange Bible is so marked up when I turn to James, so I also got to read some of my previous thoughts – though they didn’t afford much clarity. I guess I’ve always been just as confused as I am now!
And then I went to my faithful blogger dashboard and saw this post by Miss Snark's First Victim
and was definitely inspired. Compared with everything else I’ve thought about today, it seemed to make the picture whole. I love days like these, when the sky is a timid blue over the grey rivers, when the branches in front of my window are performing some sort of spastic ballet, and the city is alive and beautiful. Ah Lyon, I love you, even as I miss my good ol’ United States.
The summery of this post - what do I know? Go figure it out for yourself. ;)


Jenita said...

I'm not certain I can say which one is more nutritious, per se. I mean, as far as food goes, nutrition has certain physiological standards that we must adhere to, so it can't simply be arbitrarily defined as what's contained in ice cream and fries with hot sauce (unfortunately). However, as far as thought goes, there are no such standards, so who would be presumptuous enough to say what is or is not nutritious? I would say that a picture, if it's a good one, or better yet a moment, complete with information being supplied from all five (or is it six?) senses, would be rather more filling, and probably more satisfying. =] But then again, food (both sorts) is often unpredictable -- you never know exactly what will satisfy...

Make mine pink said...

A very lovely day in Lyon and you were wonderful and took old Chauncey out with you! And you've inspired me to open my Bible to James and do my study as well. But you also made me hungry! =]