Sunday, 21 March 2010

Writing is Chocolate?

You definitely know you're a writer when... do everything possible to avoid writing. Including the 'it's Sunday!' excuse. That's mine. And while I theoretically agree with the idea that there should be at least one day a week where I don't have to feel pressured to write, it's not like I spend 8 hours every weekday at Word. I spend 8 hours every weekday on the computer, trying desperately to avoid Word, but I don't actually spend most of that time writing. Tragic, yes?

So why? Why is it that writing is the thing I love, the thing I'm passionate for, and yet I do everything possible to put it off? I had horrid writer's block, if I can use that phrase, for about a week - fair enough, it was the worst I've ever had, so I can forgive myself that week - but what about now? The block is broken, I want to write.

Does this happen to anyone but me?

Writing is chocolate, but reverse. The guilt is in not 'indulging.'

Stupid artistic temperment.

I think I can't wait to be old. Don't these things go away as you get older?

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