Thursday, 22 April 2010

5 Things Authors Freak Out About

THING Number 1: The first line. Is it a grabber? Does it hook? It the bait yummy enough? Will the fishie-readers run away screaming?!? Face it guys, we really push on the first line. Now, don't get me wrong - it's important. Majorly. But don't readers normally just read the first few paragraphs? I mean, a bad first sentence will kill you, but it doesn't need to be the BESTEST BEST FIRST LINE EVERS! Right? Wrong? Or is it just our secret desire to write the next great work of classic literature that english teachers for generations will use as an in-class example?

*scratches head* Really - is that the hight of our ambition?

THING Number 2: The readers. Alright, before you get mad - YES, readers are superdeduper important! And it's always good to keep them in mind - but not at the expense of the story. Just be true to the work, and the readers will appreciate it.

THING Number 3: Getting published. Writers, we have the best, amazingest job in the universe! We get to write story after story after story, pouring our heart and soul into the work. Chances are, if you keep writing diligently, and work hard, you'll get published. The quitters are the ones that don't. I know, rejection hurts. Bad. But authors, what will you do if you are rejected? Will you quit? Then here's some advice: don't bother. Just pack up your computer. Because if writing is something you can live without, if it's something you can push aside, then the hurt, pain, and constant rejection of this profession is not for you. But if you cannot live without writing, take comfort. You write now, you always will. Once you realize that you'll be happy writing, even if you never get published, then the worries will flitter away - providing, of course, that you still have a dayjob.

THING number 4: the characters. They're real, authors, I know! But I was writing the other day while simultaneously talking to a friend online, and guess which one felt like a dream? Yeah, my friend was fictional, and my fiction was real. That's scary! NEXT STOP: MADHOUSE.

THING number 5: Our stories. Not that it's WRONG to freak out about this! It's good, in fact, a healthy dose of insanity in our daily lives. Freaking out isn't always bad, is it? I don't think so. In fact, sometimes it's worthwhile. Now... I must stop procrastinating! Off to work!

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Janet Johnson said...

I totally agree with you about first lines. Important, yes . . . but as a reader, I've never stopped reading after the first sentence. Ever.

It gives us all hope, yes?