Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ah, British Humor.

I wish I was British, I really do. I love their humor. :)
Actually, I might rather be an elf, but you probably don't care. Well, today's another day of the 'Bethany forgot to write a blog post until it was late and she was tired and already working on a project,' so I figure I'll give you a previously written poem. How does that sound? Good? good.


Metal shakes the ground of men, calling them to war
Stories shake the hearts of children, fairytale lore,
What happens when these two meet, as they never have before?
The mountains quake and the oceans stir at the Lion’s roar.

“Unicorns aren’t real,” the school teachers said
“There aren’t any scary monsters hiding underneath your bed,
Dragons don’t fly high in the air, shining gold and red,
These are only fairytales that long ago you read.””

Soldiers bearing arms march on, still afraid to die
Young men go bravely onto war, not really knowing why
The posters shout out patriot, a strong and noble cry,
Children go to meet their death, fighting for a lie

It wasn’t all that long ago they read of knights and kings
Now their voices raise in hate, can’t you hear them sing?
The winter here will never end, never turn to spring,
Now they’re marching back to war, hear the metal ring

There is another battle, a different war to win
A strange and unknown conflict is just starting to begin
When all the stars fall from the sky and the fire burns all sin
It ends the day the trumpet sounds, when the King will come again

“Fear not the final battle, nor dread the coming fight
I’ll dress your wounds and battle scars and clothe you all in white
I’ll defend you against all demons and the creatures of the night
Together we will assail the dark, and conquer with my light.”

And... because I love you! British humor! (Even more funny if you've read Stephen King's Misery)

And now one that has nothing to do with writing, but is freaking awesome.

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