Monday, 12 April 2010

Another One Bites the Dust!

Boy, am I efficient! In one go, I get a country visited (boosting the # of countries I've been to, so that I'm now beating my brother. HA) AND finish Bleak House, by Charles Dickens. I have to take that off of my currently reading....

DONE. Mwahahaa. Now it's just Lord of the Rings. And... what else? Which book should I read next? I'm trying to read classics I'm going to need for college, and I've been reading each classic along with a scifi/fantasy I enjoy, except in the case of Les Mis, when I read several scifi/fantasies. (Hated that book, by the way.)

I've read a couple Dickens novels, and adored them, but I think I need to read another author now. Any recommendations? People who majored in English, any books you wish you'd read beforehand?

BY the way, Barcelona was amazing. We actually were at a hotel outside the city, right on the coast of the Mediterranean, which was absolutely stunning. I first saw it at sunset, the first sunset I've seen in months (part of the disadvantage of living in a city) and the sky was purple and red, and the sea reflected it... I know, I'm an author, I should be able to think of better things to say, or maybe a poem... how about this: The ocean is my heartbeat, and I've lived without it for over a year. <-- does that do it justice? Fresh air and the wind of the sea is my breath, and I've been drowning for months. The color of the sky is my eyesight, and I've been blinded since June. Seeing that sunset over the ocean - even though it wasn't my ocean - was like being forced painfully from a sepia dream into the world of what I've been missing, and there was nothing more precious to me than the pain it caused. I was giddy, I was starving, and now, I'm facing the city with a refreshed heart.

As for the actual city, it was beautiful. And there was a park designed by Gaudi that was absolutely ethereal, like the entire thing was a Wonderland dipped in frosting. :) The food was okay (I'm used to Lyon's excellent cuisine) but the people were lovely and the colors... everywhere there were so many colors! I love how I get to see all these different places and cultures, and fall in love with them all.

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