Saturday, 17 April 2010

Apparently, I'm Insane

I must be. In the past week, I've written 20,000 words, (CRAZY) many of which have also been edited. I didn't write on Monday, so that adds up to about 4,000 words a day.

What alien came and took over my body? I'd like to know, because Bethany Elizabeth NEVER writes that much! Unless it's fanfiction. (hehe!)

ANYWHO, I've been reading a lot of posts about the mental and physical strains of writing, so I'm not going to go into that, just know that I know.

But can I say, this is why I love (read: lovelovelovedrooloverneeddesirepassiondreamaboutlovelovelove) fantasy? I mean, if I were writing something like YA or mystery or anything else, there's no way I'd be able to write that much. I wish I could, but, alas!, as I've said before, I'm horrible when I write out of my genre. But I'm working on it, PROMISE!

BY THE BY, remember those word documents on my computer? The ones that read 1)Non-fantasy fiction 2) Horror 3) Mystery 4) Romance ? Yeah, I'm not writing in them. But I got REALLY caught up with my fantasy, so don't blame me, pretty please?

My horror story is at least BEGUN, but it isn't horror anymore. It's like YA-gothic romance-fantasy.

But at least it's not high fantasy. I mean, it's in our world. At least, a made up town in our world.


And I wrote the beginnings of a romance, maybe. Or it could even be the murder myster. Oooo! I hadn't thought of that. :D (P.S. Why is that detective looking through a tennis racket?)
Do you want to read it? Pretty please?
Well, whether you do or not, here it is!
Every morning, she opens her window, raises the blinds, and stares out at the sky above her. Every morning she dances as if the stars were still out, and she among them, flying unfettered. Every morning, she closes her window, shutting me out of her world, shutting the morning breeze out of her room. Why, I wonder? What’s the difference between that girl that dances as if the world were blind and the girl who shuts her window and retires into the depths of her fifth-story apartment?
As I sit here, my fingers floating over the keys, I wonder, and I long to know. But I can’t know, and so I imagine. That’s my job, after all, imagining. When the computer whirs on and the alarm clock beeps, I have exactly one and a three-quarter hours to imagine, and afterward must pack up my dreams and head off to work. There’s no harm in this life, my imaginings have gotten me to where I am, and yet, as I watch her spin, unaware of the city around her and staring up at the sky, imagination only seems to take me so far. I want to know.
What about the grammar? Do you think the first three sentences should be one, with the aid of semi-colons? Are you a fan of the serial-comma?
I had to ask!


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, I like a lot of what you have written. I think the first sentence is great. I am not a fan of the serial comma. I love the imagery of the girl feeling like she is flying freely through the morning stars, but I do not like how you have structured that sentence. "Every morning, she dances as if the stars were still out" should be an singular statement. It has a certain ring to it and it is already saying a lot about who this girl is. Then expand on this "flying unfettered". Show me how she dances and flies among the stars.

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Wow, thank you! I'll edit it and maybe put it up again later, hopefully with more added. :)