Tuesday, 20 April 2010

(evil evil evil @ mypoorcharacters)

I think there must be something of an evil genius in me. (MWAHAHAHAHAHA!) Or perhaps I'm just sadistic (although masochistic would work as well, since I love these characters.)

So, I've been witnessing a strange phenomenon. My mother (faithful reader/critic) has recently read the part in my story where a very sad fate (inevitable death - which, in fiction, is rarely inevitable in the end) has befallen one of my main characters. She is very sad about this.

But I'm really really excited about it.

What's WRONG with me? I love my characters, I do -waaaaaaaaaaay too much, in general (read: sobbed madly over a death scene scribbled on a piece of paper so much that it lost legibility) but I also take this sick pleasure in their pain. It's just so...deliciously dramatic!

While I would never enjoy seeing a real life person beaten and bruised, there's something in me that relishes it in my stories. Sometimes even in other people's stories. Why, friends, why?

Don't get me wrong - I was sad for my character, tragically so. I got into such a funk my room reverted to its natural disasterous state (one I've been trying desperately to keep it out of) and I didn't leave the house for a week. But I loved every minute of it, or at least appreciated the tragedy. Um, yes. Faithfully writing for one week without epic procrastination is a tragedy for me. At least, it's very, very odd.

Please tell me I'm not the only one?


I'll give you a cookie if you do.


Lisa and Laura said...

You are not the only one. Sometimes I think torturing our characters is a little like burning ants with a magnifying glass. Fascinating in a budding serial killer kind of way...

Yeah, I just read that again and I'm 99% sure I'm some kind of sociopath. Thanks for that.

Icy Roses said...

Well if your character isn't going through some kind of angst, then there's no plot, now is there? So of course, TORTURE MUST BE EMPLOYED. It is for the greater good. :P