Friday, 23 April 2010

From the Villian's Point of View

I was reading this post over at The First Novel's Club about the various types of villians, along with examples. I thought, heck, I wonder what the bad guys think about the different types of heroes? (By the by, this is really not my post, it's just a spin off of Donna Gambale's post, which I already linked to and would totally recommend, because there's like.. nothing original here - totally not my idea. Disclaimer issued. :D) Hmm.... So what are the types of heroes? Well, for starters, there's the....

Classic Hero

Seriously, is there anything more annoying then this guy? He's strong, smart, fearless, and will win in the end, without a doubt. Just how he will foil the evil plot is uncertain, but he will, and the readers know he will! His one weakness is the one us villians must exploit, but (GAH) he always seems to overcome it!

Examples: Superman, Hercules, Captain Kirk

The Misunderstood Hero

Ah, when the public works for us! How joyful when they turn their eyes toward those who are saving them with mindless hatred. Alas, these heroes often find ways to turn it around in the end, and then the public loves them, with the added feeling of guilt to make them extra-eager to help in any way. It's disgusting, I tell you, disgusting.

Examples: Harry Potter, Spiderman

The Underdog/Whiny Kid

These guys are the worst. Everything's going well, right? We're on track to take over the world (or highschool's prom queen contest, or government agency, or Taco Truck, whichever kind of villian you are) and these little nosebleeds come from out of nowhere, usually because we did something like killed their family (stole their boyfriend/framed them for murder/put extra tobasco in their tacos.) But that's just part of the plan. It wasn't personal(usually.) But then, from out of nowhere, they sneak up and foil all our foolproofness. ACK! Sometimes, these fools don't even want to be trying to kill us, or they whine about it the whole time. Seriously, if it bugs you so much, just leave us alone. Gosh.
Examples: *cough*Underdog. Frodo Baggins/Samwise Gamgee. Luke Skywalker.

The Bad Hero

Those fools try to out-cool us! Motorcycles, leather, girls all night, guns all day, they never slow down! Sometimes the public loves them, sometimes they hate them, but it's not really important. I don't need to say more, but there is nothing worse than being out-villianed by the hero. Nothing.

Examples: Zorro, Robin Hood, Lara Croft, Bond, Jack Bauer, Any Harrison Ford character, BATMAN
The Silent, Mysterious, yet Good Hero

Very similar to classic hero, but more popular with the ladies.
Examples: Link. Aragorn

There are lots, lots more, but I do actually have work to get done today. :D So.. any I missed? Your favorite (least favorite?) heroes? What do you think?

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