Monday, 26 April 2010

I Was Going to Be All Dark and Mysterious...

But then I opened Itunes and P.S. I Love You by the Beatles came on. Do you know how hard it is to be mysterious when listening to the Beatles? So..

Perky and Happy Bethany today!


Alright, so I finally finished *round of self-applause, corny literal translation included* Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King, and now I'm done! Woohoo! I can cross that off my 'can't believe you've never actually READ that!' list. The past few months have lessened that list considerably, including Dickens, Les Miserables(I love the musical and I'm in France, for pity's sake), and Through the Looking Glass. All of which I enjoyed! Scratch that, I detested Les Miserables. Sorry!

So now I'm moving on, authors-friends! To Phantom of the Opera (dundundundundun-musical style) and Ysabel, both of which are set in France. Am I detecting a theme??

To be honest, when I read about the Ents, I half wondered if Lord of the Rings was set in France too. They take so long to do anything but get riled up real fast!


Oh yes.

The other day (by which I mean twenty minutes ago) I was checking up on the blogs I follow, and came across this post by Tahera (who is fabulously fabulous!) which, among some beautiful writing, asks that moment you started writing, and what the moment/place/memories mean to you.

Technically I started writing in seventh grade. I say technically because, though I loved writing and put my whole passion into it, I wasn't sure if it was another of my 'spur of the moment' obsessions or something I'd do forever, and I was writing 'fanfiction' in the sense that I was spinning off another author's world.

In eighth grade, I knew this writing thing was here to stay forever. And I started writing my own story. And it was good. (Ego much?) I still love to pull it out and read it, and recently tried rewriting, though I still love the first version - the only time I successfully pulled off first person. (in a story)

SINCE it's still April, I thought I'd share a poem with you all about those moments in eighth grade. Are you excited? (you should be!) But while I type it (it's on paper) I shall be grooving to Boys by the Beatles. Yay!

My girl says when I kiss her lips,

gets a thrill through her finger tips

Hey hey (Bop-shoo-op, bop bop shoo-op)


(yeah yeah, boys)


Okay, here we go!

The notebook had to be green;

The ink had to be black, always black

Dark Bleeding Ink that sank in the pages,

down the side of unfamiliar faces,

dripping dark onto the shattered pavement

seeing stories not meant to be seen.

The classroom was musky, often dark and loud

it tasted like peppermint, it was stifling.

The relentless angst of a preteen crowd,

bound and bonded by their imprisonment.

It was a battlefield, littered with the corpses of

forgotten assignments, young crushes,

best friends, lies

just beginning to acquaint.

I know the memory has a certain taint

Sweet and sizzling, electric and iron.

The taste of death in a thirsty mind.

The boredom began it, the strive for a story,

Lust carried it, the need for the glory

of my characters, who I'd just met

and dragged into a fantastical hell

with blood and love and metal,

Neverminding their pain and their loss,

a fictional plot of their stories lost,

Scribing their journey through deception and pain,

Providing the poison that coursed through their veins.

All this wall I sat and ignored

my history teacher, who was just as bored.

(Did I mention I was kind of disturbed in eighth grade?)


The Alliterative Allomorph said...

First: Yes. Impossible to be dark and mysterious with the Beatles playing :)
Second: Yay, you finished lord of the ringamathingies!
Third: Yes great post by Tahereh. I loved that too.
Fourth: You're poem is fantastic. I was a bit dark and demented in school too. And I mean that in the kindest possible way! :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

That was great! I can't write poetry to save my life. Thanks for sharing!

beth said...

I had such a hard time reading LOTR in college for a fantasy lit class. Loved the movies, but struggled through the books, even though most of my friends ADORED them. I had trouble with Phantom, too--I guess I have a short attention span!

MBW aka Olleymae said...

Ha--I need to start marking off some stuff on my to-be-read list.

Awesome poem. Definitely captures the bittersweet (mostly bitter) aftertaste of eighth grade lol. So glad I'm outta there.

I think we were all disturbed in eighth grade :)