Thursday, 29 April 2010

Meet Asha

This is Asha. Asha is my kitty cat. Asha likes to eat flowers.
So, yes, this is another half-hearted blog before I run off to meet a friend and then come back and edit. I really don't have time, but guess what!!
I'm wearing a skirt today! :) (sorry, I just thought that was important)
Alright, so, here's the thing: Editing is hard. I thought my story was okay, I've edited it a bunch of times, and here I am, editing it again, and thinking... shouldn't it be done by now?
Does it ever finish? Are stories ever done?
I guess not, but the perfectionist has to let go at some point right - so what's that point for you? When do you know a novel's ready?


Anonymous said...

I'm like you. I could edit forever. In my mind it is never done. But at some point I just have to let it go, and get it out there! That's when it is helpful to have a critique group who just won't look at it again and then encourages me to just 'submit it already.'

Lisa and Laura said...

Ugh, this is SUCH a tough question and I think the answer is different for every writer. I've heard lots of writers say that they know they're done when they're just moving around commas and rewording stuff. But we're too impatient to make it that far! Ha! I probably shouldn't admit that...