Tuesday, 27 April 2010

*Shatter!* Oh No, Now I Have to Re-Edit Everything!

So, after a day of purely enjoying myself, I've started to buckle down and edit! (At 6 in the evening... hm...)
And, of course, by buckle down and edit, I mean edit for ten minutes and then run over to my blog in a desperate last-ditch effort to procratinate!
I was cooking the other day... (yeah, um, Top Ramen requires all the culinary skills I have) and dropped a glass. Oh no! *CRASH* Which led me to an interesting analogy. Editing is sort of like cleaning up shattered glass. Isn't it? I mean, you get the big pieces right away, and even though it's dangerous (you could slice open a finger!) it's the easiest part. And then... well, you have the massive amounts of teeny itsy shards that have landed all over the kitchen, from behind the cat's food bowl to -somehow- the top of the pantry. And, unfortunately, there is no massive vaccum for cleaning up the shards of a story.
Anyone want to invent that for me? Anyone? Please?
What's your advice for editing, authors? Or are you hectic like me - read and reread until you see something wrong? Here's what I know..
1. Let it simmer. Distance yourself from the writing. This I've done - I'm starting the editing in my first novel, which has been left alone for quite awhile.
2. Slim down on the adjectives/adverbs. *gasp for breath* I KNOW. I hate it too. :(
3. Get other people to read it for plot holes/bad dialouge.
4. Never give up, never surrender!
Alright folks, that's all I've got. Um... the rest is just intuitive for me. What about you? Do you have nifty editing tricks?
I leave you all with three (3) interesting thoughts!
A) (1.) I really DO like editing! Especially when my editing-soda has rum in it! ;)
B) (2.) Every author has to do this, right? Right? Even the really uber good ones.
C) (3.) Why is my cat sleeping on my boots? Her bed is right there, less than two feet away. *le sigh*


Anonymous said...

I agree with all your editing tips. Especially number one. I have 5 short stories that are in number one--waiting to be reread. Problem is they are all due to be edited at the same time. I'll definitely come back and see how you are doing!

Janet Johnson said...

Don't forget to check for your favorite phrases. I think I started half my sentences with "But" in the first draft. :)