Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Questions on Queries

Random thoughts, readers, this blog is full of random thoughts. I lied, it's not. It's about...

Queries! A) How do you pronounce that?

B) Are they really as scary as they seem?

Alright, I've been reading up a bit on queries, mainly on Janet Reid's blog and query-editing thing. (Query Shark! That's what it's called!) and, even though she will probably never ever see this, I want to say...


I'm not afraid of making mistakes (obviously, I make them all the time!) but I am afraid of making the type of mistake that is an agent's pet peeve. Really, I never intentionally annoy people, and would hate to turn people off just by carelessly doing something I didn't research into. Ms. Reid's blog definitely helped me figure out what not to do, and also gave so many good tips on how to write the query correctly. Yay!

(Dances around happily)

And while I will still make lots of mistakes, I just want to post this disclaimer:

If I have done something that seriously ticks you off, as a reader, as someone I follow, or as someone I send a query to, I'm sorry! Please tell me, because then I'll know to stop doing it. I swear, it's unintentional, and I will gladly offer full apology + flowers and chocolate. :)

Just don't hate me!!


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Misty Waters said...

Okay, #1 . . . Do you cry when you separate, kill, hurt . . . your characters? Cuz, I totally DO! It's ca-razy! I dumped a character last week and my head is still reeling from the virtual slap.
#2 . . . Queries blow chunks and I don't know if I'll ever get it right. I just changed the style AGAIN, and am waiting impatiently to see if it worked, cuz I was feelin that one fo sho. I don't know if you follow Nathan Bransford, but you should! He's got a lot of query suggestions, too, and they're great!