Friday, 30 April 2010

Turn Up The Music, Light the Candles...

'I wasn't sure why, but I started to blink back tears. I didn't want to hear nice things, I was so content hating myself, hating what I had become. But Jesse didn't stop, his eyes meeting mine in the mirror as he tucked a curl behind my ear. "She's beautiful," he whispered, "and she always smells like roses."

Leaning closer, his breath tickled my ear, and with the tips of his fingers, he turned my head from the mirror. Never in my life would I have called myself innocent, but this wasn't what I was used to. His voice was dark chocolate, and my entire body went numb with cold, except where his hand wrapped around my waist - that was fire. All my experience told me he was a whisper away from my lips, but this was Jesse. Had he ever done what I expected him to do? No, he passed my lips, and instead his mouth brushed - of course - my neck.
Ever the vampire.

Words are sexy, my friend.

(Okay, shut up, I wrote this before the Stephanie Meyer Twilight phase. Vampires are BAD GUYS in this story, and Jesse's the worst of all. Except... he kinda has this long-standing love for the MC, which started before he was turned.)

Anyway, my point (originally) was the all-around sexiness of words. I'm trying to keep the post PG-13, but here's the thing: as authors, we need to write the truth. Even if it's a little... sensitive. NOT that I advocate ridiculous amounts of inappropriate sex scenes, I will never write a 'love-making' scene in my life, it's just not something I'm comfortable with. (My innocence must be preserved!)

But I gotta write some romance, even if it never goes past a PG level. But have you ever read about a kiss that was so powerful, so intimate, you thought just the kiss itself might be rated R? Technically it isn't, and as readers we're extremely involved in the characters, but at some point, you feel like it's too private, that maybe, just maybe, you should look away?

And goodness, it's just a kiss!

How do authors do it? I certainly don't know. I guess part of my problem is a total and utter lack of real life experience. I mean, yeah, I've kissed a guy or two, but... I mean, a peck on the band bus is hardly epic romance material. :)

So, authors, how is it done? Of course, part of it is the 'mood music,' the language. And we all have our own special words, some are stranger than others.

(True story from a random yahoo answers - 'my favorite sexy words'

Athletic (Um, okay... saying it out loud, there's a nice feel about it)
Lover (lovelovelovelovelove!)
Daughter (Say what?)
File -interoffice romance!)

Like I said, some are a little stranger than others. (Seriously, daughter? What?)Anyway, that wasn't the point of the post. The point is...
What makes a romantic scene romantic? What makes a romantic scene 'inappropriate?' Is it just how far the characters go? Or is it the level of emotion?

And, more importantly, is this post wildly inappropriate? I apologize if it is. :D



Misty Waters said...

Uh, no, not inappropriate! I totally wrote a similar post on "sex" a couple weeks ago. I DO write sex scenes, but it took me a VERY long time to find my line. I hate the ridiculous words that can be used for the "parts". It's not real when they're used. Not to mention you want to laugh your A** off when you read it!

Anyway, I LOVED this. . . .

"His voice was dark chocolate, and my entire body went numb with cold, except where his hand wrapped around my waist - that was fire."

Great description.

And I'm a vampire junkie, btw. Something tells me I'm not the only one. My thanks go to Anne Rice before Stephenie Meyer:) I am writing a vampire series and proud of it!! Vampire novels unite!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Oh wow! you had me at "His voice was dark chocolate . . . "

I don't write sex scenes, either. But that's because I write YA. Writing steamy kisses is enough for me. :D

Have a great weekend!

J. et K. said...

Just to clarify, is that Voisin or Bernachon dark chocolate? ;)

Great descriptions, Bethany.

I don't know if you have/are already working with an editor, but I'd be happy to go over some of your writing with you this summer.

Bon week-end, et à demain !

beth said...

Not inappropriate at all! You're so right--words can be verrrry sexy, and when used in a good story, it can totally make the scene!

moonrat said...

dude. i think in books kisses can be WAY sexier than, well, sex. the kiss can seize you by surprise; sex (i hope, in most situations, at least) is not a surprise because a number of things had to have happened already (eg clothes coming off). which means sex is just sex, the same old boring thing EVERYONE does.