Sunday, 2 May 2010

Another Sunday And...

My fingers are itching to edit! Isn't it amazing that Saturday un-blocked my editor's block? Or editing writer's block? Whichever, it's gone! And, after going through about the first fourth of my novel, I've trimmed about 2,000 words in useless information and adverbs. This is on the third major edit, mind, and I thought I'd gotten rid of most of it.
Ah, editing. What a fickled friend you are.
In other news!
I have no other news.
I'm still open to any editing advice! (pretty please?) Here's my list so far -
Character D must think Character A's name is Name B.
Um... a bunch of soldiers? Can we please figure out the military numbers? Please?
Never mix up soldier with shoulder.
Never mix up cavalry with Calvary.
Um... 'cast one spell after another.' What is the magic actually doing here, friend?
*Note: the use of friend was sarcastic. My critical self is definitely not friends with my editing self*
Have the characters sigh less.
Alright – all right
Um, that race of magical creatures apparently has no females or children. Fix that. They don't just jump out of the earth like a poptart!
White Flame is more impressive than Blue
(This last one was a science question, but all the answers were confusing. Theory vs. practice, which is actually hotter - so I'm going with white, cause it looks cooler. But I keep changing my mind, mostly it just needs to be consistant.)

So, as you can now undoubtedly tell, I'm kind of an idiot. *sigh* Ah well. Do you guys make editing lists? Any 'duh' edits on there?


Misty Waters said...

LOL, you edit like me. I like it. And I totally told myself a couple weeks ago, Uh, less sighing Misty. What else could they be doing? Ja-eez.
Calvary has been the bain of my existence each time I've used it, b/c I can never remember just how it's supposed to be spelled and it doesn't look right when I do it.
"cast one spell after another." Sounds good to me! I don't use magic, but I have sword fighting and martial arts which turns into similar phrases of "is that right?" for me.
No females has definitely been an issue for me in the past and I'm making an effort to fix that, too!
Soooo, no idiocy happening to you, if you want my opinion.

Anonymous said...

No females? I never thought of that one! I have to read out loud otherwise I end up with 'my' for 'by', 'tie' for 'die', and others. My editor is my 'friend', just one I want to roll my eyes at a lot, and say 'alright, your write again..' opps....there's another! Congrats on your great editing day yesterday.