Thursday, 6 May 2010

Authors, Is It A Bad Sign When...

You fall in love with your bad guy?
I could say antagonist, but... he's bad. Hence... baddy bad badguy. :) And I love him.
So, in honor of my bad guys, I'm raising my (coffee) glass, and saying, "You are my favorites. Good guys I love, good guys I have plenty of, but you, my evil piece of cherry pie, I will love until the day I day."
Here's to you:

Jesse, my sexy-vampire (whose fantastical appeal is featured in this post) who is, unfortunately, put on the shelf, simply for the offence of being a vampire. I know, tragically unfair, blame Stephanie Meyer and True Blood or whatever it is. Anyway, Jesse has dark hair, green eyes, and is incredibly funny when he wants to be, with that sarcastic vampire "I'm too hot to care-ness." :D But he DOES care about the MC, which is a bummer since they try to kill each other whenever they meet. But he knows her dark secret (SHE'S A VAMPIRE TOO OMG!) and doesn't tell. Sweet, right? But yet, he's so unbelievably BA - my mom reads this blog - and evil, and wants to kill, not the MC, but all her co-vampire hunting buddies.

Akvi, possibly the funnest bad-guy I've ever created. Just pure evil. Most bad guys you like to put in a little sympathy, you know? Like, "Aw, poor bad guy. I mean, you're evil, but... I feel for you." NOT this guy. I mean, he's understandable - out for vengeance - but not exactly sympathetic. But he's sharp, evil, and out for numero uno. I love him, he's the inspiration for this post. He's a Jave, a magical creature yada yada yada... red hair, red eyes, red tattoos all over his skin, tall, immortal (basically), and freaking awesome. Yeah, I said it. Awesome. His wants are simple, there's just two or three (or four.. maybe eight) people he really wants to kill. And he won't stop until he does. His simplicity is adorable.

Kiami - Technically, she's a good guy. But she's so... bad. Tough as nails, sarcastic, clever and passionately protective of people she cares about. And a rule breaker - oh, is she a rule breaker. She's evolved though, her original story was written in seventh grade, and then I wrote another in eighth grade where she was the MC, but I didn't know it at the time. She was going under a different name. Coincidentally, she's the MC in Jesse's story, that chick he cares about. Woohoo! Now, she's currently undergoing an epic rewrite, back in original genre - fantasy, not vampire - and we'll see if Jesse's involved too. I most certainly - certainly - hope so. :D


P.S. On an unrelated note, this is for my mom...

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