Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Downside of Heaven

Once I rode on dragon wings, once I slept in a field of poppies. Nothings and Everythings were at my fingertips, daydreams were walking to school and studying, reality was metal that bit at the sun as swords raised in triumph, sleep was well earned after a day of floating through survival.
Alas, that time is no more. No, the musefairies have long surrendered to the trolls of hard work and editing, and honestly, I'm okay with that.
But there's nothing quite like starting new book, is there?
Authors, I promise I have a point! Journey with me as I find it, pretty please? (with chocolate covered bits of pineapple on top?)
For the past couple of weeks I have:
Vaguely thought I should start on a query letter at some point
Thought, "Hey, I can do this!"
Realized, "Crap, I can't do this!"
Drowned in chocolate
Started query letter
Destroyed above query letter
Went on vacation
Enjoyed vacation
Itched to write while on vacation
Tried again to write query letter on vacation
Came home
Refused to look at my story
Admitted I still need to edit
Finished 5 query letters
Sent letters to mommy to see which she liked best
Realized I still have to edit before I send query letter.
Sound familiar? Yu-huh, I thought so! (I stalk your blogs, so I know! mwahaha!)
Good thing I love editing! (I'll post on why I love editing tomorrow, howsabouts. :D)
But there is nothing quite like starting a story, is there? Or do you prefer that moment when the story finally materialized and you realize, 'No, I'm not storing this in the file cabinet. I'm FINISHING this applesnapper!' What about the moment you first fall in love with the characters? Or the moment you realize that they're worth loving? And then there's when you're sobbing at the most exciting/emotionally charged part of your story, that's pretty awesome, isn't it? What about when you finish that first draft, and you know your baby needs some work, but goodness isn't she pretty? Or when...
Authors, we've got the coolest job in the world!
So what's the downside?
When you realize the story deserves so much better, and you're only able to deliver so much. But it's good too - because it steels our resolves. We won't ever be done writing, will we? We'll never be done learning how to write, not because we're OCD and have to be the best (well, some of us are - guilty!) but because our stories deserve it.
Author friends... can I confess something?
I love you because there's something you would poor your life-blood for. I love you because you don't give up. I love you because you're amazing, and talented, and all-around awesome. Persistent little bugger you may be, but I love you for it, because we can't ever give up, can we?

Inspiration comes from strange places
like swingsets and sunsets
and music quartets
and carnival masks that glitter
and memories both sweet and bitter.
From phone calls and lost friends
to coming visits and sad ends.
From the color blue
and a dessert for two
to that line in the paper
and that snarky-lipped waiter.
From New York and Yorkshire
to soft hymns and campfires.
Or tears falling down happy faces -
Inspiration comes from strange places.



Hardygirl said...

Gorgeous! And, yeah, the roller coaster of fresh love, then editing, then doubt . . . . It never ends. But, at least we have each other. :-)


Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist said...

Hahaha. This post had me cracking up. I know EXACTLY what you mean. The writing life is bizarre.

What kind of stuff do you write?

Tahereh said...

you're the sweetest :D

and i love you too!


Jade said...

Loved it! Thanks, I really needed that!!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I love the book Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyons when it comes to editing.

Have a great weekend, Bethany!