Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Every Writer's Best Friend

The To-Do list!

Now, now, author friends, don't get all riled up! I know we profess to hate, to loathe, to despise the to-do list, I know we hold a secret desire to rip it to shreds, to burn it while laughing maniacally, to dance upon its ashes, I know that it is our enemy, our idol, and our (often) complete and total conquistador.

But to understand the true, complex relationship, we must examine the deepest, darkest parts of our author selves.

DEEP DARK SECRET 1: We are procrastinators. (HUSSSSSSSSSSSSH! -don't tell anyone!) Maybe not all of us, but who hasn't said, "I'll finish this chapter as soon as I get the laundry done," or "I can't write because I haven't yet had my chocolate fix!" (Must be said in upper class British accent, because isn't that the accent all authors have? no?)

DEEP DARK SECRET 2: We're not very good housekeepers, selfkeepers, or jobkeepers. Our writing (*cough*) takes first priority (*ahem*) and so we often throw aside our chores until the absolute last moment (see DDS 1) and by that time they're so piled up it takes days to rearrange our lives.

DEEP DARK SECRET 3: We'd rather spend time with our stories than with our A) significant others B) families C) friends D) classmates/coworkers. Thus, our relationships become an item on the to-do list, rather than something we'd actually like to do.

Authors!!!!! This can't be good! I love my family! I love looking pretty and having pretty things around me! I love... well, no. I don't love chores.


Sometimes we need to be pulled out of our little worlds, so that our own life doesn't suffer. And who does that better than our frenemy... The To-Do List!

See? Once you think about it, it's not so bad anymore, is it? I even named mine: Nancy.

Gotta go, authors! Nancy's calling!



The Alliterative Allomorph said...

YEp - you got my dark secrets down pat! :) LOL

Don’t miss out on my contest!

Janet Johnson said...

Am I that obvious? :D