Monday, 10 May 2010

Nicety Nice Nice?

Authors, so far, there've been a lot of posts on rules recently, right? And resources for queries, and awesome writers Doing the Write Thing for Nashville. And lots more rules. Like, lots. Not by me, (nevernevernevernevernever!) because really, I'm more of a rule-breaker. *COUGH*

But sometimes there are rules that should be kept. Not like... all of them. But rules of life, authors. Rules of life.

And rules of niceness.
Because we all know, sometimes authors (don't say it!) aren't very self-aware, and can thus come off as (don't say it!!!) rude.
(Yes, I said it! But I also know it's usually unintentional.)

Here's what I've learned:

Never steal candy, especially not from children.

Always say please and thank you, even if you're upset.

Being genuinely nice to people who are angry at you DOES calm them down.

Never stalk an agent. (Not that I know this from experience... of course not!)

Research whatever you do before you do it. This includes submitting to agencies, but ALSO includes ever popular activities such as flying by jumping off a cliff while holding bedsheets (doesn't work,) trying to out-spin a windmill (can't be done,) learning to ride a bike (helmets help,) learning chemistry (research helps,) and signing up for marching band (you may be required to fill every fall saturday with 8 hour rehearsals you didn't know about.)

Smile and thank people when they go out of their way for you, even if it's technically their job.

Don't step on people's toes (literally or figuratively.)

And love people. Even if you think it's weird, even if you think you shouldn't, even if you're afraid they'll think you're weird. And remember, loving someone is wanting the best for them, not obsessing over them. (see: Never stalk an agent)



(P.S. I hope you all like xkcd, because I've been posting tons of their comics recently. But I know - KNOW - some of you like them. :D)


The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Very nice post, Bethany! I always trust before I don't trust, like before I don't like - it has gotten me in quite a few pickles actually, but I still persist in believing everyone is decent until they are proven otherwise :)

beth said...

Perfect rule! This is def the one to keep. If you treat others in a kind, professional manner, you really don't have to worry about anything else.

Alesa Warcan said...

Interesting post! I don't agree with all of it, but I certainly appreciate the reasoning behind it.

And I'm also digging rereading the XKCDs. I've been following them for years... And you've only picked the better ones.
That said I have certain fondness for the early ones where he hadn't quite found his stride yet. : j