Monday, 3 May 2010

Lord Voldermort Attacks!

Mondays! Ah, all those rosy dawns and bright starts, those days of new beginnings, new diets, new projects, new assignments, new...


Yeah, there's no way to make this positive.

ACTUALLY, I don't mind Mondays, not during my year off anyway. I was just trying to be sympathetic to people who're actually doing stuff with their lives. :P But just wait! Next fall, I'll hate Mondays as much as the rest of you. Woohoo!

So authors, I was sleeping the other night, and I had this dream...

To make a long dream short, (hehe) it was weird. Our minds are most free when we sleep, ready to touch on other worlds, on new stories, on strange lives that we can't even fathom. So... why does my mind keep dreaming about stuff that doesn't make any sense?

At age 5 (ish), I had a dream about a water snake eating another water snake, slithering onto land, and dying of poison. (this was a nightmare!)

When I was in fourth grade, I had a recurring dream about playing basketball with NSYNC. (This, also, was a nightmare.)

And then, in tenth grade... well, this dream was so weird, I wrote it down right when I woke up. Do you want to see my hastily scrawled <-- look mom, I'm an author! notes? Too bad if you don't! *Red font added by me*

'Girl escapes her home during a flood and escapes to neighboring town - she arrives in time to get help for some of her town. (Only some?) Another girl - not much older but very self-assured and strong - takes her under her wing. Another girl, who is friends with the second girl, is helping. (At this point, names would help.) An evil lord, aptly named Lord Voldermort (what?) is coming to take over the island. Girl #2 is very important in the kingdom but girl #1 is very useful, brilliant at war tactics. The first attack of the Dark Lord (hehe) comes on a ship - using flying creatures with at or beyond human intelligence to drop bombs - each one has a rider. (This is getting a little strange. And why isn't Voldermort avada kadavra-ing their sorry selves?) After battle girls #2/3 try to show girl 1 where they found the birds. Apparently these two can sprout wings and fly. Girl 1 has to run, but as she does, her back itches. She runs into travelers who say they killed the 'silver rabbit' as some sort of trophy. The silver rabbit is the spirit of the place. (.... I swear, I did not inhale anything before going to sleep) *some sentence where I can't decipher my handwriting* When she finally catches up with the girls they're standing in a destroyed forest, very confused. The girl tells them what happened and they're relieved. They send an animal to 'find' the rabbit's spirit so they can reincarnate it. The girl also tells them of the travelers' desire to fight Voldermort - cue musical number - and the girls are upset but can't do anything.

How's THAT for a query letter?
My favorite part was the musical number. If I remember right, it was quite catchy.

Aren't dreams off? - I meant to type odd, but off seems to work better. So.. unhindered by reality.

Anyway, there's a little 'trip' to start off your Monday. Have a good one!


Tahereh said...

haha!! that was awesome!!

one hell of a query letter, INDEED! i mean you always hear about people whose books are inspired by dreams, but never the query letter!

this could be revolutionary!


happy monday!!

Kimberly Franklin said...

LOL. Dreams... they always surprise you, don't they. Love the dream based query! Genius. Sheer genius!! :)