Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Skipping Down the Roads of the Publishing World

Ahahaha! Authors, I may already have posted this link (cause it's AWESOME) but I'm posting it again, due to several contests that are including a query critique going around the blogosphere. Um.. I know the post is technically about the pitch, but I think it helps with queries anyway. And authors, there are so many resources out there!!
Which brings me to the point of this blog post. (Isn't that exciting!)
Speaking of (exciting!) I hate questions that have to end in exclaimation points. Seriously, whatever happened to, "OMG guys, you know who I saw at the market today!?!?"
When I was a young, inexperienced blogger who knew nothing about the world (about two months ago,) I never would've suspected there was so much to the publishing world. Or rather, I knew there was somewhere, but I didn't know that the knowledge was so easily accessible. But authors! It's out there! AND it's so easy to find! Here, I'll help you get started.
(Of course, there are tons of other uber helpful blogs, quite a few of which I've started following recently, but I don't feel comfortable recommending them until I've followed them long enough to be sure they're consistent. I'm sure they are, I'm just weird that way!)
Aspiring Writer Help #1: Janet Reid, Literary Agent I have previously posted about how helpful this site is. Query information, useful tidbits on how to get an agent to love/hate you, and news from the publishing world!
Aspiring Writer Help #2: Editorial Anonymous. Have questions? Get answers!
Aspiring Writer Help #3: Nathan Brandsford, Literary Agent. Another extremely useful blog. Check the sidebar on his blog for tons more resources.
Aspiring Writer Help #4: Pimp My Novel. Factual, practical information about the industry. Go for it!
Um... most of you probably know these guys, since they're FABULOUS AND AMAZING AND SAVED MY (NOVEL'S) LIFE! However, if you don't, go check them out.
Can I also say (gush) that I love you all? And all the blogging world! Because, back me up on this, nothing makes the day a little brighter than talking with other people who are just as insane as you. Right? :)
(P.S. Editing is going well- I think I've removed about 50 'sighs' so far.)


Hardygirl said...

These are all GREAT blogs!! And, I suck at writing queries, so I'm going to bookmark this one!


Stina Lindenblatt said...

Thanks for the links. Since I've started spending more time on writers' blogs, I'm not checking out the industry blog anymore. Oops! Maybe I'll start reading them again when I start to query. I only have so much time in my day . . . like everyone else.

Kimberly Franklin said...

I was happy to find that there's a whole world full of crazies out there, just like me. I love it!! Thank goodness for blogging!! :)