Monday, 31 May 2010

Technically, It's Tuesday I'm writing this blog post before I go off to sleepy-land! (Yes, it's 2 am Tuesday, but it counts, right? right?!?)
But Bethany! you protest, (yes, I can hear you - and I'm psychic, so even if you didn't ask, you would've in a few more seconds. Trust me.) how can you possibly blog coherently about writing when it's 2 am? HOW?
Good question, authors.
But rather than answering it (it's a long story, involving a cathedral and Ke$ha) I'm going to prove myself coherent! I can count to 100 by sevens, officer, I swear!
7, 14, 21, 28, 32... wait...
Oh yes, I refound my train of thought! (It's orange, by the way, coming in at track 13.)
Recently I've been thinking a lot about romance. Truth be told, I'm a teensy bit bummed by my current WIP's main characters, because their romance isn't fun. I mean, it's sweet, passionate, wonderful, I LOVE them, and it's fun to write, but it's not a 'fun' romance. I mean, they're in a middle of a war, it's a little difficult to be quirky. My main characters were about to have their first kiss (say it with me: awww!) and I was talking to my mom about first kisses, and the conversation went thusly: (sort of)
Me: So... what's your favorite first kiss you've ever read about? (trying to be subtle here.)
Mom: Oh! Are [main characters] finally going to kiss?!?!
*subtle fail*
Me: *SIGH* Well... I don't know yet. I mean, I haven't written it.
Mom: Well, I always enjoy reading about the unexpected first kiss. You know, when the girl and guy are fighting or something and the guy just grabs the girl and kisses her.
(Note: I love those too.)
Me: But... she'd never fight with him. Ever.
Mom: Yeah, that's true... unless he was going to put himself in danger.
Me: He's practically giving himself up as a sacrifice.
Mom: Well, there!
Me: She doesn't even know, and he's not going to tell her, so.... Besides, these two have been in love for a book and a half. Even if they have an 'unexpected' kiss, it'll be expected, you know?
Mom: I still like those kisses best though.
Me: Yeah, me too. *thinks if I can work it in, decides not. Sighs*
Like I said, a rough reconstruction of our conversation!
So, authors, have you ever had trouble with your lovebirds? Like, FIGHT dang you! Or, STOP FIGHTING, dang you! Or STOP LYING, dang you! Or STOP MAKING OUT AND TALK, dang you! Or STOP CHEATING, dang you! Or STOP BEING SO POSSESIVE, dang you! Or STOP FIGHTING THE INEVITABLE, dang you! Or STOP KNITTING, dang you! (is that last one just me? Okay, it's just me.)
That said... the way the romance between these characters developes is extremely natural (I hope) and the kiss ended up being that way too - or DID it? Did I forsake the first kiss altogether!?! DUNDUNDUNNNNNNNNNNN!
That, friendleeeeeeees, was my 2 am blog post. Nighty night!


Janet Johnson said...

You are too funny!

I left you an award on my blog. :)

Tahereh said...

hahahaha! your mom sounds so cute! i love that she's so involved in your novel!

but i think you shouldn't really have to force that chemistry between your characters -- they should be ready to kiss when it's the right time. maybe you're holding them back??

or hell, just WRITE the scene, and see how it goes. just randomly. like, take your two characters, and put them somewhere they can kiss. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO DO THAT ;D.

try it.

just try it.

and see what happens :)