Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Bajiligizallion Reason Why I Love You

Authors! That's a lot of reasons!

But I don't have that long of a blog post to tell you about them all. *sigh*
So... how about you each make a list of things that are awesome about you? Because I guarentee, I love you cause of those things. And SO MUCH MORE! Post reasons why you're awesome in the comments! Random nifty facts about yourself, or amazing things you've been through. :) Seriously. I love you.

Reason 5,069,938,204,987,394: I love you cause you gives me stuffs!
Am I the only one who's noticed the massive amounts of give-aways recently? No? It's like love and presents have invaded the internet with a vengeance!

Reason 30,342,039: I love you cause you're awesome, and help me out with super advice when I ask questions about beta readers and midseries blues. :) Thanks for all the comments yesterday.
(Your advice? Heck yeah, I'm gonna follow it. Like today sometime. Maybe tomorrow. BUT SOON!)

Reason 4,943,948: I love you cause you listen to my patheticattemptsatadvicerantsaboutsparklesconfessionsoflovehopelessdaysofdispair blogs without mobbingmyhousekillingmeinmysleepsiccingvampiresonmeandiknowyoucould giving up on me or telling me to shut up. :)

(And I know you guys could sic vampires on me: most of you are YA authors. And don't think I don't know about your 'associates.' Oh yes, I know. SPARKLES! <--- ahhh!)


Let's face it, authors, it's a big problem when we don't know our characters. It shows in the books, doesn't it, when an author doesn't know his characters? The reader gets confused and thinks, "Why did Jeffrey suddenly hit Orlando with a pair of metal-link suspenders? He seems more like the patient type who would put an extra cupful of salt in Orlando's cupcakes to me."

(poor, innocent cupcakes.)

So how do we get to know our characters?

Of course, we can interview them, spend time with them, have them write letters (my recent fav) or take them out to coffee.

But all that is a little bit roundabout, isn't it? And could end up getting us nowhere.

How do we know them intimately?

Any ideas?

Okay, so you know how a bunch of you recommended Absolute Write for finding beta readers and all-around awesomeness? Well, I found a really good article on this exact subject, you can read it here - I'd totally recommend it.
Dave Terruso (the author of the piece, sillies!) says exactly what I was feeling - but unable to say quite as eloquently - in this paragraph:

If you’ve ever gotten one of those forwarded e-mails where one of your friends answers 173 questions about themselves and then asks you to do the same, you’ve learned that dozens of small details about a person tell you next to nothing about them. Granted, I never knew that my one friend preferred spicy mustard to yellow mustard, but that information hasn’t deepened my understanding of her. I’m proud to tell you that at the end of most of those forwards, there is a question that reads, “Who is least likely to respond to this e-mail?” and I am invariably the answer.

So do you want to know how he recommends getting to know your characters instead? Read the article! :)


Reason 839,953,981,784,732,892,834,729,387,432: I love you cause, let's face it, you're amazing.

AND... Reason 1: I love you cause you inspire me.

Not to get to gushy, authors, but I love you all. And you give me such good advice. :) I wish I could return the favor - and when I'm super famous (aka agented, ihopeihopeihope?) I totally will. :)




Jade said...

I love that your posts are like a crazy burst of fresh air. They're like sparkles for my mind! SPARKLES!

j.leigh.bailey said...

That really was a great article on character development. I loved the movie references.

Thank you Bethany Elizabeth, you made me smile at the start of a dreary day in Illinois. There's a reason why WE love YOU. :)

Tahereh said...

i love YOU because you're one the kindest, sweetest, and most genuine people in the blogosphere. you're a big ball of sunshine and i wish i could just put you in my pocket.


Marsha Sigman said...

That was a fantastic article!
'seperate the sin from the sinners" might be the best line EVER.

Think of Hannibal Lector, who is the ultimate villain but I could not help but like him too.

I think your blog is awesome!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Awww. You're so sweet.

Love that last cartoon. Too funny!

Great article. I know my characters better than I know my husband. ;)

I love the Blogosphere 'cause it's full a great advice. :D

Jen said...

Bethany all I can say is... You Are Amazing!

WritingNut said...

Very, very sweet! I'm a new follower, but I love you already too :)

What would we do without our fellow amazing bloggers??

Claire Dawn said...

Yeah, I've noticed the influx of giveaways too! It's ridiculous. But I won one, so I'm happy! (Although I'm ineligible for many for not being in the US/Canada.