Monday, 7 June 2010

Because My Socks Are Still Dripping...

Crawling through the tunnel, the metro sneaks up the side of the hill so slowly I can almost hear the whisper of, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..." Meanwhile, I'm thinking how I can't keep my balance on my seat, which is tipped forward so ridiculously by the slope of the hill. With no immediate prospect of even-ing out, I hope the metro gets up to speed quickly, because I'm nearly falling on one-third of my youth group: namely, Amanda. Abigail is sitting next to me, nearly falling on the poor french boy who plopped massive headphones over his ears to avoid the chattering of three english-speaking teenage girls. (it's a small youth group)
The tunnel ends, but the metro keeps crawling. "It's really dark," says Abigail. "It's like, 4 - isn't it supposed to get dark around eight?" Checks watch. "Oh no! It's 4:20!"
"But church starts in like ten minutes!"
"We left on time!"
"And it's a fifteen minute walk from the metro stop."
Then, after exchanging looks of mild distress, we continue talking about our summer plans, and the metro picks up its pace after the hill starts to even out.
We get to the metro stop at 4:25. We see immediately why it's so dark.
Rain, authors, torrents and torrents of rain. Distress grows. "Um... did anyone bring an umbrella?"
Only Abigail, and it's tiny. And keeps breaking.
Normally, you understand, we'd wait at the metro stop for the storm to pass, because Lyon storms are generally less than 5 minutes long (this one ended up being half an hour.)
But we were late to church.
"You ready?" I ask, looking at the rain with half dread, half love.
They shake their heads no, and we dart out into the storm. Dancing/singing in the rain ensues.
We arrive at church at 4:35.
Head directly past assembly into the bathrooms. Arrange hair/try to dry off an itsy bit. Give up.
Arrive in assembly at 4:40, just as the pastor is saying, "Everyone stand and greet your neighbor."
Stand dripping in the back of the church as congregation (all fifty of them -we're not exactly a big church) laughs, and children point fingers. One child runs back to Abigail and jumps into her dripping arms, much to his mother's distress.
Sermon goes on, with the entire youth group (of three) dripping and shivering in the back row.
Bibles are soaked.
Sneezes are interrupting the sermon.
Great day. :D
Normally I try not to put to much of non-writing stuff here, but it was such an awesome day. And I have no writing news to say - except I rewrote one of the scenes that wasn't working on sequel #2, and now it's all pretty(er) and stuff!


Creepy Query Girl said...

good times! What church do you guys go to?

Janet Johnson said...

I'm shivering just thinking about it. Too funny! Those bad luck moments seem to make the best memories. :)

Tahereh said...

i LOVE those moments! hehe, in fact, me and my friends used to purposely get all dolled up in raingear and lay out on the sidewalk with an umbrella over our heads, just to hear the pitter patter fall around us.

sometimes it's fun to be a little late in the rain :D

thanks for the sweet story!!

Jen said...

LOL some of those mishaps are the funniest memories to share. I'm sure it's one that will stay with you and I am glad you shared it with us!!!

Yay for rewriting, hehe, I am only saying this until I have to do it, then my views change, lol.

Kimberly Franklin said...

I agree with everyone--the bad luck moments always make you laugh later. They are always the best memories!! :)

Renae said...

Ditto with all of the above. The bad luck moments are the ones that I always go back to for a good laugh. Great Post and I am loving your blog!

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Great post. Bad luck moments are the ones you can always smile about after.
BTW, thanks for following my blog. Thought I'd pop over and say hi and return the favour. :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Running through the rain can be fun -you're going to get wet anyway - might as well enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, mishaps are both sad and so fun at the same time. I'm shivering just thinking about it -- rain always catches us at the most inopportune time!