Friday, 18 June 2010

A Community of Crazies

Yup, authors! That's us! :)

What, you're offended?


I don't mean it meanly, I mean it AWESOMELY!! :D

(p.s. guess what! I spilled water on my keyboard *TEAR* but this baby has faced much worse. She can handle it. She's a professional - and is missing some buttons to prove it. Don't worry, I dried her off.)

Here's why we are so crazy:

1. We make friends who are just as crazy as we are. We make friends who are slightly less crazy than we are. We make friends who are crazier than we are. Crazy part? We make friends who are normal. As if THAT can end without being commited to a pretty white room.

2. We post interview with our characters online. (Nevermind the talking to fictional imaginings, I left that behind at 'quirky'. Posting said imaginary conversations where the whole world can see? That falls under crazy.)

3. We give away stuff to strangers. (Crazy, yes, but also awesome!)

4. We stalk strangers for research.

5. We reference Lindsay Lohan in a synopsis

6. There are days when our wordcount on Twitter exceeds our wordcount on WIP (fowwow me?)

8. Every day our wordcount on blogger (including comments) exceeds WIP

9. We forget important numbers like 7.

10. We can't spell. *At least SOME of us. COUGHMECOUGH*

11. We like to verb words.

12. We consistently forget what our post was supposed to be about. Maybe that's just me.

seriously, I love us. (HEARTS)
(We're like the niftyist of awesomeworldness)
(despite our lack of spellingz)



Clara said...

Lol, I can certainly identify with most of these points, specially the verbing!

But I´d never, EVER use Lohan in a synopsis. N.e.v.e.r lol!

Tahereh said...

hahaha LOVE IT.

yes yes, i gladly admit to my own insanity.


Janet Johnson said...

We are a bunch of crazies!

But I could never give up verbing words. :)

Lisa said...

I heart verbs. Doh! I did it again. I do love me some verbage.

Terry Stonecrop said...

Oh no! Everybody else is crazy! Can't you see that? We writers are the only sane ones!

OK, back to the white room...

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Haha. I'm with you on this one, we are a it crazy. And my wordcount on blogger does exceed my time spent sorting my wordcount on my MS. :)

Lydia Kang said...

Like finds like. We all crazy.

Jemi Fraser said...

Maybe there's a crazy magnet drawing us all together.

LOVE the Calvin & Hobbes comic!!

Kerrin said...

Yes, yes. writers are closer to insane ;)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

LOL about the word count. It's so true. If I spent as much time on my wip as I do tweeting and blogging, I'd have a first draft (and have edited it several times already) finished by now. BUT I wouldn't have all my awesome blogging, tweeting friends. And they rock!!!