Thursday, 17 June 2010

In Which We Find That Bethany Cannot Spell...

Oh wait! We already knew that!

I admit it, guys, I'm a HORRIBLE speller. It's like I missed out on the spelling gene in my family - they're all great spellers. I have to memorize EVERYTHING, because if I go with my gut, I'm wrong. Take yesterday, for example. I don't think I spelled prologue right ONCE. (Mom says it's cause I'm in France...and they spell things weird.... so.... yeah. That's why. :D)

Authors, I sometimes even misspell my own name. My teachers would be like... "Bethany... you spelled your name wrong." And I'd say, "Again?"


Anywho, from the super-awesomeness that is Kris and Kells @ Take My Hand I got the Versatile Blogger Award, which is finally going up on my sidebar. You guys are so sweet! Thank you muchly! I've already passed this award, on, so... I'm lazy. Sue me. :D

What was this post going to be about again? Oh yeah!
Authors! Great news! I've finally figured out (again) why I'm having a hard time with my story. It's a sequel, and at the end of the prequel, one of the MCs 'died'. Now, the reader knows he's not dead, and the MC knows he's not dead (he thinks he'll die soon, though). But the other MCs think he's dead. And therein lies the problem.

Authors, it's sad!

And I like writing about battles and adventures and love and awesomeness. Sadness is not my forte. I mean, sure, short-term sadness is fine. But something like, "My love and my king is gone and never coming back, and our country is doomed." Yeah. That's hard for me to write. I don't LIKE it.

My heroine in the story loves the hero. But before she loved him, she was loyal to him as a subject. Very loyal. That loyalty grew into love, yada yada yada. She's very competent, she's the best at what she does, and she's strong.

So how can I possibly write her being as sad and distracted as she's been for the past three months?

Love changes us, I know that. And my heroine loves huge. Like, once she loves you, you can do pretty much whatever you want and she'll still love you unconditionally. But she IS strong, and eventually, must recover. How much should she be affected? Should she move on? Can she?

It's a feminist's nightmare!

And I love my characters - I don't need to tell you about that, I'm sure. You know, don't you? I love her so freaking much. And I need her to grieve and still be true to character - which isn't easy. Because she's very matter-of-fact. Not emotional.
(Maybe she's feeling the same conflict I am? Whether she should keep being sad or not? But how can we help being sad? GAH!)
ANYWAYS, where I was going with this is that I don't like writing sad stuff, and the beginning of this novel is very sad. I have the temptation to wimp out and skimp through it, not actually capturing the emotion. The story will get happier (Gosh I hope so. Please don't let this be Harry Potter #5!) but in the meantime... *sigh* I guess I just have to muck through it.

Authors, what are some problems you're facing in your ms? Does identifying the problem help you conquer it?



j.leigh.bailey said...

I've never been able to spell--I once mispelled "truck" when I was in 7th grade...I over-thought it. My family could never figure out how I could read as much as I did and not be able to spell worth a darn.

Strong, competent women (and men) who grieve are about the most heart-wrenching thing for me to read. Sometimes they express it through vengeance, or becoming very cold and distant, sometimes they beat the crap out of inanimate objects...I have no doubt you'll work that out stupendously. Good luck.

Vicki Rocho said...

I'm normally a good speller, but I can't type my name right for anything, which is why I usually sign emails with just V...hard to mess that up, though I have. (v or B or what have you)

Since everyone grieves in different ways, you don't necessarily need her to be all boo-hoo-woe-is-me do you? Could maybe she distract herself from her pain by throwing herself into something else? A challenge she must complete for her love's sake? Maybe she just shuts down and won't let anyone near'll find the right way.

Creepy Query Girl said...

I know how you feel. when two of my mc's broke up, I was the one feeling crappy and eating ice cream... and thank GOD for spellcheck!

Angela Ackerman said...

Hi Bethany,

Stop on by my blog when you have the chance--you've won something! :)

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Terry Stonecrop said...

I have trouble with spelling too and my typing is atrocious on top of it.

Here's something that might help you get going. Often, when people suffer a tragedy, it doesn't affect them right away. I've seen this and read about it as well.
They seem fine but then weeks or months later it hits them hard.

You may try that. Have her keep it inside and act strong and fine, then later, after you're on a roll with the story, show it start to affect her. Hope this helps.

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

I'm not a bad speller, but my fingers type quicker than my brain works. That's when my spelling goes out the window. lol.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Congrats on winning the crit on The Bookshelf Muse. :D

I'm a terrible speller too. ;)

My problem was the main love interest in my wip came off as a hot-looking piece of cardboard in the first two chapters. Hopefully (after major rewrites to the first chapter) that problem's been solved. Having someone point that out helped big time. Having someone come up with a solution helped even bigger time. :D

Jemi Fraser said...

Writing sad is tough. Maybe you could have her stoic, but with flashes of memory that she deliberately pushes away because she wants to project a certain image or she can't deal with the depth of her feelings.

Nicole MacDonald said...

my spelling is improving over the years... at like, one word a year rate *lol*

I have to do sad in my next book. Devasted is prob a better word.. gonna be interesting as I take the character on when writing. 'Method' writing I guess ;p

Krispy said...

I can never spell occasion correctly, and I'm starting to second-guess words I actually KNOW how to spell. XP

I'm having an issue with sadness in my WIP right now too. It's annoying because I know how the MC is going to grieve later, but I'm at a loss as to what's going to happen right now when the Sad Thing happens. I just don't know how to approach writing it. *sigh*

Knowing what you're up against is better than NOT knowing, right? GOOD LUCK!