Monday, 14 June 2010

Shh! (You Can't Tell!) and Blogfest


Have you ever had a secret? (shh no not me nevernevernever)

A really really big secret? (what are you talking about I never killed anyone!)

Well... so do these people - and they're posting them online.

Of course, it's anonymous, but still. Real secrets.
This is one of those sites that was spawned from the FML craze - which resulted in sites like My Life is Average and My Life is Awesome or something like that. Those sites spawned other sites, from the sweet - Gives Me Hope - to the downright scary - My Life is Twilight. (Seriously, even if you LIKE Twilight (like me, I admit!), this site is terrifying. Example: 'Today, I realised my hair is bown jus like bellas! :D MLIT.' Maybe that's not scary - though I copied it word for (misspelled) word. What about this? 'I saw New Moon for the 13th time on Friday. When I got home, I cried for 8 hours, stared out my window and didn't eat for a few days. Needless to say, I love Edward Cullen more than anything in the world.' - *shivers*)

Six Billion Secrets is like all the others - some entries are fake, some are pathetic, some are funny, some are touching, some are genuine, some can actually make you cry.
AUTHORS! We can USE this!

Not just for like awesome plot, but to learn how to convey emotion. Some of those twitter-sized stories really touch your heart. Why?

They have a common format (or some variation):

Statement that draws in your curiosity
Brief explanation


Statement that draws in your curiosity/shock
Final message

One of my best friends has a younger sister that everyone hates.
They all call her ugly and fat.
Personally, I think she's beautiful.
You love me because I am the most honest person you've ever met, I am flawless to you.
But I've cheated on you, lied to you, and I don't love you like I used too. You don't/won't know this.
I can bring myself to do all those things to you, but I don't even have the courage to tell you the truth.

Seriously, authors, this site is a writer's dreamland. There's sad stories, funny stories, horrifying stories. Some are undoubtedly made up, but we're authors! Do we really care? Here are three reasons why I love the stories:

1. They show the other side of the story. Vividly, emotionally, realistically.

2. They have the basic elements of any story - set up, climax, denoument

3. Even knowing some of them are fake, they can still make you cry.

Cry, authors, cry! Like, as in tears! Water! Running down your face! (I think I'm trying to fill some sort of unspoken '!' quota. Sowwy.) Besides, how awesome is the name of the site? Six Billion Secrets.
We all have secrets, authors.
Every secret tells a story.
Stories are worth telling.

Six Billion Secrets.

Six Billion Stories.

It blows your mind, doesn't it, authors? (It does mine!)

So, here's your challenge:
Ready? (setgo?)

In the comments, leave a secret, told in one of the styles (in blue) above. It doesn't have to be YOUR secret, though we're all excellent secret keepers here! *hush!* And, provided there are more than 5 secrets, I'll post them up on Thursday's blog and you guys will vote on the one that made you the most emotional, whether you laughed/cried/felt horrified. MMK? It'll be a CONTEST! And the winner will recieve.... *thinks hard for a moment* my undying love and a box of virtual chocolate?

Really, authors, this is just for fun. And I've got to have 5 secrets, remember!
(When I get back to the States, I swear I'll have a REAL contest, mmk? yay!)


I'm a new follower of Sangu @ Echoes of a Wayward Mind, a blog I fell instantly in love with, and she's hosting possibly the funnest (IT'S A WORD!) blogfest ever: an interview with one of your characters. Check out her blog for a list of all participants. I signed up painfully late *ahem* but to be fair, I hadn't heard about it before!

SO, up for an interview, the infamous Kiami Ash! Along with her 'chaperone' Tale, because, let's be honest, he doesn't trust that she'll be able to get through an interview without his help. (I know the picture is an ad, deal. :P) Kiami's current story (she's been in a few) is called Angel Mine, Murder Divine.

Me: Come on in, Kiami, make yourself at home.
Kiami: I'm always at home here, tell Tale to calm down, he's the one that's freaking out about this.
Tale: You should never be let out on your own, Kiami. Remember last time?
Me: Last time?
T: Let's just say Lord Jerome was never the same.
Me: *coughs into coffee cup with laughter*
Kiami: *grinning*
T, with a flash of his green eyes: Oh yes, very funny. Especially since if anyone figured out it was a Taira who did it, we'd all be toast. Kiami loves to try to get us killed.
Kiami: I wasn't the one who nearly killed whatshisface. And besides, the humans couldn't kill us.
T: They could hand us over to the Guardians.
Me: *uncomfortable with silence* The Guardians? For the readers, can you clarify?
Kiami, looking more serious: Um... the Guardians are what we had to sneak past to get into Meya, the actual world. If they find us, then, well... toast isn't exactly an exaggeration. But they won't find us.
Me: Wait - got you into the world? Where were you before?
T: Hell.
Me: ....
T & K: *waiting patiently. Well, Tale is waiting patiently. Kiami is looking at the chocolate cake with sparkles in her eyes*
Me: ... But... why?
T: We're Taira. Demon in your tongue, I suppose.
Kiami: *scowling* We are not demons. That's a horrible translation. If anything, the g...
T: Kiami!
Kiami: *pouts and helps herself to cake* Anyway, Lord Whatshisface is fine now. Thanks to Aira and Cyn. They're Taira too - they came with us out of hell.
Me: *shaking head* All right. So you're Taira, looking for a new life, preferably out of hell. That's fantastic - why all this trouble? What is it that you do?
Kiami: Oh, we kill people.
Tale: Kiami. *to me* That's not what we do. We protect people, and occasionally act as agents of revenge.
Me: Agents of revenge?
T: Lord Jerome was someone we were supposed to be protecting. But he made the mistake of... advancing on Kiami.
Me, turning toward Kiami: So you tried to kill him?
Kiami: Nope, not me. Him.
Me: Tale? You tried to kill him?
T, looking skyward: I've been taking care of Kiami since she was eight. He went too far - though it wasn't entirely his fault. Someone *lowers gaze to Kiami* was trying to entrance him.
Me: Why?
Kiami, giggling: To get a rise out of Tale. *polishes off cake*


El Fin! Go check out the other entrants! And don't forget to leave a secret!



Clara said...

Ohw I liked this pair, I dont know why but they remind me of Edward and Bella (btw, that was some scary shit with those twilight statements, this story is dangerous...)

Ok, I have a dark secret. Are you ready? Because it´s really, really dark, and awful and I am completely ashamed of it. So here it goes:

I love to eat jam and ham. Together. Just like camambert and honey. There! I´ve said it!
Humm...I feel so free right now =) I´ll try to come up with a more interesting secret later, great post!

Janet Johnson said...

I'd never heart of 6 Billion Secrets. Wow. Sounds fascinating/creepy. My secret? I'm not a huge fan of plain chocolate. It makes me sick. But I like it mixed with things. *Phew!* I feel much better.

And great interview.

Joanne Brothwell said...

Twi-hards are intense! Wow, it's downright scary sometimes!

I can't think of a secret right now, I guess I'm an open book!

tristarfivestar said...

my secret...
it is really bad but..
when i was 7 my baby cousin learned how to walk... and he got more attention than i did.. so when every body left the room for a second, i pushed him and he hit the sofa cushion and fell down! he cried and every body came in and i told him that he got hyper and tried to run but sadly slipped !
I still fell terrible!

Sangu said...

Aw, this was a great entry! I loved their banter and the way the things they said made you (and me) laugh. I also think it was incredibly clever how you threw in details referring to other parts of a story or other characters, leaving me intrigued and wanting more!

Thanks so much for participating, this was lovely to read!

(I'm rubbish at secrets, so I don't think I should throw one in here. :))

Lisa said...

Okay, you are even more awesome now. I usually read something to similar to 6 Billion Secrets:

Also very good. And these are in the form of books now, which I got for Christmas. I love these and you so, so, so right. These are great for authors, especially if you're working on character.

My secret?

I didn't get my mother a birthday card this year because she was working. I have felt guilty about it every since.

j.leigh.bailey said...

That 6 billion secrets site sounds fascinating. You are absolutely right that it could help us authors.

My secret... hmmm...

I don't make friends very easily and I have a friend from work that is very nice and generous. She's also a huge complainer and never shuts up. I'm not sure I really like her. I think I only hang out with her because it's better than being lonely.

Kris & Kels said...

Okay, that website distracted me for a good half hour!!

I love your characters, and I'm so intrigued about their story!!! Can't wait to read more. I'm off to stalk your blog!

Also, my secret: I'm addicted to blogging. BAD.

<3 Kelsey Leigh

Marsha Sigman said...

I love this! I am sooo checking out that site!

1)I really am sort of looking forward to this family reunion thing.
2)I have been seriously procrastinating on my new ms.

Suzie said...

I love your characters! You gave just enough details to hook me! I'd love to read more about them!

Terry Stonecrop said...

Loved your interview! And that :Secrets blog sounds great.

My secret: My blog.

I don't tell my real life friends I have a blog. I just know they'll show up and tell embarrassing stories about me in the comments. Some friends, like some mothers, just can't seem to help themselves that way. Not that I've ever had an embarrassing moment in my charmed life.

Great blog, btw!

Lisa and Laura said...

Ooh! I always read the postsecret sunday secrets so this is another to add to my list! Hmm...secrets, secrets...I'll have to think about a good one!

Tessa Conte said... secret...I write under a pen name. ONLY under a pen name.

And I like your characters (though I have to say that the blue writing was hard to read, not sure why).

Great interview.

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Six Billion Secrets sounds like a great site, I'll have to check it out.

Loved the blogfest interview entry. :)

elizabeth mueller said...

Bethany, you are so cute! Secret? Hmmm...I feel that my abusive childhood has made me extremely passionate in the way I write (it shows in my characters) and how I'm keen on how others feel around me--I pick up on the smallest clue of their expression and body language, you'd think I'm a mind reader.

I love your interview! So cute... Isn't it just fun bringing in your beloved MCs and having them speak directly to you? ;)

Come by and read my interview! ;)

Jen said...

I loved this Bethany!!! If I felt more creative today I would add in the fun but my brain hasn't been working all day so I'll pass! If I think of something later I'll for sure drop by!

Clara said...

Oh btw, you won an award on my blog!