Thursday, 3 June 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow....

Authors! I have amazing news! It's Thursday!
Do you know what that means?
It means that it's a brand sparkling new day, in which I'll undoubtedly make masses of mistakes and cry lots of tears and laugh lots of laughs (I'm a very emotional person), and at the end of it tuck myself into bed with some music and my super-soft-pink-blankie and Samuel.
(Yes, I still sleep with my blankie. And Samuel isn't a person, sillies! I was never a big stuffed animal person, but now I have a wolf named Samuel and he's my buddy. He's from the Black Forest! I'll have to put up a picture sometime.)
Here's my thought: distractions!
At first, the writer in me protests and says, "NO! NO! DISTRACTION = BAD! MY EYES, OH MY EYES!"
(I told you I'm emotional)
And then the rational part in my says, "Yeah, but... weren't you distracting yourself when you got this idea for your last story? Weren't you purposely procrastinating editing your other story - which isn't anywhere near publishable - when you read something that inspired 2 full length fantasy novels? Soon to be 3?"
And then my writer is confused, and rushes to the blogworld.
Authors! it cries, help me decide!
Are distractions good or bad?
Obviously both sides can be argued, but since I figure you have better ideas than I do (as demonstrated in the comments of my post about that special SPARKLE) I plead for your thoughts. Life is distracting, right? But surely not all distractions are bad, and surely not all are good, and each has its time. But how do you know? As authors, do we just float along on the distractions, or do we never let ourselves get distracted and end up going insane?
Is there a way to find the middle ground?
Like, a system. I like systems! Follow steps 1) 2) 3)?

Meanwhile, I'd like to add that Wives and Daughters is still amazing, but my reading has taken another vacation* because (you guessed it!) I'm distracted at the moment. *sigh*
Maybe I should take the summer off?
But I can't! Because then I'll be in school and I'll never have the carefree days to fill with writing again!
Oh dear, authors, what do I do!?
And now... some words from Arazmus Bartholomew and the Status Generator. (Wouldn't that be an awesome band name?)

Arazmus Bartholomew isn't stupid, he's hard of thinking.
Arazmus Bartholomew has got too much blood in his caffeine system
Arazmus Bartholomew is not a complete idiot. Some parts are missing.
Arazmus Bartholomew has tried to know absolutely nothing about a great many things, and he has succeeded fairly well.


(P.S. Did you know the Daily Show/Colbert Report are back from vacation? I now know what's going on in the world!!!)
(P.P.S. Hey, I'm a fantasy author, do you really expect me like, read the news or something like that?)
*I had typed vaca instead of vacation, to be all writerly and hip and groovy and stuff, but then I remembered that vaca is cow in Spanish. And the books I'm reading aren't taking a cow. Seriously, cow-stealing is rude. Don't do it.
(P.P.P.S - or at this point, does it just become OOPS I FORGOT SOMETHING? Anywho, thanks for all the virtual soup yesterday, you guys! I'm feeling so much better, mostly because of your super-sweetness. I love you!! :D)


Tahereh said...

awww lol, i hope you find your way through the distractions! they're an inevitable element in this game of life!

hehe :D

Janet Johnson said...

Distractions are . . . ooh, see the pretty bird! Now what was I saying? ;)

Kimberly Franklin said...

I've found myself very distracted lately, for no apparent reason. It's very annoying and I hope it passes soon! :)