Saturday, 5 June 2010

This One Time, At Band Camp...

Ah! Summer! It's HERE, authors! (Not technically)

But it's sunny and warm outside! Ah, the scent of sun on concrete, of melting ice cream, of sweat dripping from the protesters -


France is never dull.


Anywho, I feel my focus slipping, and I don't know why. Probably because it's just that time of year, although I always thought it was because school was nearing an end. I don't have school this year. Odd, yes? But I need to force myself to keep working, obviously, or I'll totally forget how to write. FOREVER!! Oh no!! But you know what's really sad? I think I've figured out why I'm having such a darn hard time with sequel #2 (book #3): I've started it out all wrong! So what can I keep? About 1,000 words. What must I throw away? About 1,500 words. (I told you, I haven't gotten very far yet!)
*sigh sigh sigh sigh SIGH*

I need to keep editing sequel #1 also. At least, Mom says go ahead and start sequel #2 so I don't get bogged down(maybe I should name them something other than sequel's 1 & 2? :P jk THEY HAVE NAMES! I mean, THEY HAVE TITLES! I swear. Real ones. Pretty ones!) but Dad says I need to finish editing, because I'll be in school soon, and won't have as much time. Two good points.

What do you suggest, authors?

Oh, and keep in mind, I'm still slightly psychotic, France hasn't cured me of that quite yet, so every day I look at sequel #1 I get a sick feeling in my stomach, because there's still so much editing to do. And I feel bad working on sequel #2.

So... should I just take each day as it comes? Or should I get a plan?

Or should I run away to Ohio? Indiana? Utah? Texas? Albania? Will the work follow me? ACK.

I will write 500 words a day. I know, super weak, but on those days you really do not want to write, it's almost impossible to get even that out. But I'll try to average at least 10,000 words a week.

I've gotten about 500 words today, and I suffered for them - and it wasn't in EITHER of the sequels. But that's okay, because it was in my marching band story, and it put me in a happy place. AWWWW MARCHING BAND!

(If you're new to my life, let me tell you: marching band is something I can talk your ear off about. I loved it, it was what made high school not only bearable, but freaking awesome. Any musicians out there?)

Right, it's a weekend, so I know the blog world is a little less than normal. So, I figured I'd share some of my 500 words with you guys. It's near the beginning of the story - wanna hear? Pretty please? (I love you?)

And I know marching band is a bit obscure - can you tell me if you're totally unable to relate? Because, if so, I'll just keep writing it for fun, without thought of being published, for myself and marching band buddies. Thoughts?

It wasn’t hot yet – oh, that glorious pre-sweat smell. Natalie smiled, soaking it in, and joined the band on the rehearsal field. The desert sun would melt them into soaking musical puddles later in the day, but for now, early morning wind traced its way through the scattered bodies, keeping them cool. Freshmen, obviously still uneasy about this whole ‘marching band’ thing, huddled next to their section leaders, terrified of breaking some unknown rule and being forced out of the band in shame. Remembering the feeling, Natalie couldn’t help but let her smile widen; she’d been terrified the band would reject her, and how wrong she’d been.
Holding her hand out to the nearest freshmen – it was always easy to tell who was new – she said, “I’m Natalie.”
“Amber,” the girl replied, taking her hand delicately, looking around to make sure she was allowed to talk. Mr. Terrins was giving some last minute instructions to Eric and Lanie, so Natalie wasn’t worried, and shook Amber’s hand firmly. She was a pretty girl, but woefully overdressed. Nice tank-top, carefully chosen embroidered shorts, tennis-shoes without socks. Her ponytail was carefully gelled into place.
“You’re a freshman?”
“Nah,” Amber answered, looking slightly more at ease as she rocked back on her heels. “I’m a transfer from Northpoint, sophomore, but it’s my first year in marching band.”
Natalie made a face and Amber laughed; Northpoint was Sun High’s rival in sports, and the two schools loved to pretend to hate each other. Still… “At least you made it out alive. Welcome.”
Her serious tone made Amber laugh even more. “I heard the music program was better here.”
“It is,” Natalie assured her, “Much. As in, infinitely.” Amber laughed again, her nervousness gone, and Natalie felt a small surge of triumph. “What’s your instrument?”
Shrugging, Amber stared back at the stands at the side of the field, where her instrument was resting among the other hundred cases. “I play saxophone. But…”
“No one will steal your instrument, trust me. I’ve been in band three years and no one has touched my flute case. People know better than to mess with the marching band’s instruments.”
“The band mafia,” Amber replied, her voice getting softer. “I’ve heard of it.” Surprised, Natalie laughed, and Amber looked around conspiratorially. “It was the same at Northpoint. Sure, the kids look harmless, but get in their way…”
“And you’ve got the entire band to deal with.”
“Exactly,” Amber whispered.




Missed Periods said...

Happy almost summer in France. I may be jealous.
I enjoyed your camp story. I like the part about the rival schools loving to pretend to hate each other. So true.

Renae said...

Great post! Happy almost summer! My break started last week and I am loving every minute of it! Thanks for following me!

Tahereh said...

hahah happy almost summer! and thanks for sharing your stories!! but hang in there- and if you need refuge, COME RUNNING TO CALIFORNIA!