Thursday, 10 June 2010

Why Technology is Going to Eat My Life For Breakfast

Ha! There's a post that could go on forever, right? Problems with techology, and so on...
(I'm just kidding Google/Apple/Windows/AT&T! Please don't sic the SWAT team on me!)
But seriously, authors (be serious, mmk?) I have a problem!
Technology is eating my life! Don't believe me? Check out my list of what I did yesterday.

Woke Up
Read Taherah's post about a day in the life of a writer (an inbox-refreshed maniac writer, like me)
Read the rest of my blogs for like... three hours.
Posted a blog
Played Nintendo
Watched a movie (with mi madre, she wasn't feeling well.)
Thought vaguely that I should get my day started, realized I'd already worked hard 'writing the blog post' *COUGH*postingthepostI'dwrittenthenightbefore*COUGH*
Swooned over Link from Legend of Zelda
Played some more nintendo
Contemplated switching current game for SSB to brush up before my brother comes home

Cleaned the Kitchen (I don't know what I capitalized that)
Did some other chorely stuff.
Took shower (it's like 4pm)
Checked up on blogs
Took a walk whilst listening to ipod
Got caught in the rain (AGAIN!)
Came home, played more nintendo (I kid you not.)
Read a little bit.
Wrote a little bit.
Went to bed.
Granted, yesterday was a lazy day, but would it have been one if I'd have been a little less nintendo obsessed? (get away from me, you evil that is Xbox! *wishesIhadanXboxandcriesalittle*) Nancy was furious; she won't talk to me now.
Authors, it's eating my life!
But you know how I wrote last night? I sat on my bed and wrote in a notebook. No, not a netbook, a notebook! With like, paper! With thin blue lines on it and this random pink line down the side! (Seriously, what is that line for?) With like this nifty little contraption that marks black inky stuff on the page and allows me to write!
Authors, I was transfigured! The joy! The power! The incredibly small word count! (you can only write so fast with a pen, you know.)
Still, I got about three notebook pages in. I think the notebook is wideruled though.
I think we may have a problem here. I think I may have a problem here. (yay! I admitted it! That's the first step to recovery, yes?)
So what do you suggest? I mean, what happened yesterday was a little ridiculous. To be fair, I DID get outside eventually, and took a superdeduperlongwalk. But... I barely got any writing done. Although I did write for at least an hour and a half, and that's good, isn't it? And steadily - but it was all old fashioned slow writing and stuffs. Gosh, authors, that can hurt your hands! (When was the last time you wrote an essay in 45 minutes for a test in class? It's been over a year for me!)

Carpal Tunnel is just waiting for me. Seriously - I'm a writer, flute player, piano player (neither very well), video gamer, and I'm typing most of the time. How long can it be?

Please, authors, don't ask me to give up my nintendo! (Any gamers out there? Who also write? Any at all?) I can play it less but... *tear* I love Link so much!
In fact, my blog tomorrow will be all about Legend of Zelda and writing. It'll be awesome. EPIC.
(unless I forget and post about various types of herbs instead.)
Maybe I should study up for my post by playing some nintendo? ;)
Yeah, ya'll know I won't be able to stay away. (hehe, 'ya'll')
Although I WILL be able to get some stuff done first.
Seriously, authors, what about technology hinders your writing? It helps, but it also hurts. We go on wikipedia to look up how long a certain poison takes to act. We don't get free until we realize we somehow linked over here. We can't type without being a second away from the internet and an ENTIRE WORLD of distractions! ( will own you for life.)

And, because that's kind of a bummer question, what about technology helps your writing?


Matthew Rush said...

That's why they call it No-friend-O.

Mohamed Mughal said...

Love the photo, a 21st Century Shiva.

Terry Stonecrop said...

Fun post! I sympathize. Technology is eating my life too, and it's a glutton.

Writing in an actual notebook. I might just try that.

Your blog is great. I like your style. Thanks for stopping by mine.

Sarah N Fisk said...

Oh yeah, Taherah's post was pretty awesome.

I don't game but I am addicted to my cell phone. As in, I panic if I realize it's not within arm's reach.

I write occasionally by hand - usually when I'm at work and something strikes me, but it DOES hurt your hand and it's so slow. Hand-writing a messy 15-20 WPM just can't compete with typing perfectly legible 75 WPM

j.leigh.bailey said...

Ahhh technology...the bane of my existence as well as the savior. If it weren't for technology I wouldn't know that the girl I never spoke to was feeling a little blue today, and that my ex-boyfriends sister-in-law's nephew is turning two (gotta love Facebook). On the other hand without technology, I woudn't have become part of this amazine support-group of authors who share their knowledge and experiences with me, which improves me. There's also the awesomness that is a google and wikipedia for quick research, which is only marginally balanced out by the hour and a half playing mah jong on Yahoo....

Jen said...

Technology will be the death of me! Blogger is the biggest addiction ever for me! I find that my writing and my reading has dwindled, and dammit I'm stopping it now! I'm taking a stand and telling myself no more! I need a break... I need to limit myself!! (don't worry I'm not disappearing just adjusting!)

Technology allowed me to meet you and other fellow writers whom I adore and now couldn't imagine life without... you guys give me inspiration and that's awesome!

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Techology and my life live in a very delicate balance. lol. I've met so many great people via blogging and writing through technology. But, if I'm in the mood, the internet can be a huge time suck on my writing. I've started setting aside non-internet time to write in.

Tahereh said...



hahaha MATT. very funny.

but i'm sorry i CANNOT sympathize with you, love. if i had that much free time on my hands OMG i would rule the known world by now.

no more NO-FRIEND-OH for you! write! read! volunteer! donate your uses to the world!

don't waste time, omg please don't waste time. just the thought of LOSING all that time to no-friend-oh.. it's making me queasy.

technology is good though, as long as we use it for the right reasons. for ex: JEN is totes right. i never would've met you amazing people if it weren't for the internet.

but seize the day, love! there's no reason not to!!

Marsha Sigman said...

LOL! I went through a nintendo addiction phase, believe it or not. For that game 'Gauntlet'. I was seriously hooked. I would promise myself just an hour...then 4 hours later my husband would come in and say "uhhh...hello are you gonna play that all night?".
I finally stopped when I reached a level I could not win, forced my son to particpate in order to sacrifice his man so I could win, and then realized how horrible I

Also, that whole notebook thing is nuts.hahha I do carry a little notebook with me so I can take notes if I think of something I don't want to forget. Its soooo Harriet the Spy.

My computer is my life.

Lisa Gail Green said...

I'm going to have to have my laptop surgically removed at some point. I do get too bogged down in Twitter and blogging and I haven't been writing as much. I need to get to work! I've heard about a program for the MAC that will block the internet for a specified period of time, I've been resistant as I feel naked without internet, but still..