Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Because They TOTALLY Had 3OH!3 in the Dark Ages

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Actually, this pic is because it's Thursday, but only barely, and I missed my Wednesday Legend of Zelda post. *tear* It's okay, I'll be back next week with the bestest post EVERZ!
Anywho, authors, didya miss me? Cause I misseded you! But I have very sad news: Life is busy. Really busy. And perhaps too busy for daily posts. *sniffle* But you should be happy for me, because you know what this means? I'm getting a life. Seriously. So I'll try to post 3+ times a week, okay? Plan on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for sure. I'll still try to comment on your blogs during the rest of the days though, promise!
I swear I had a point for this post... oh yeah!
Authors, we've talked about this before - music or no music when you write? Is it a generational thing? I know I think better with music playing, but it has to be the right kind of music. And it has to fit the POV character. Which brings me to the main point:
Do your characters have playlists?
Mine sure do! And they tell you tons about the characters. In fact, my characters have multiple playlists, depending on their mood. :) And they each have their own lines from the songs that especially fit. For example:
Kiami Ash:
Jaded - Aerosmith
My my baby blue,
Yeah, been thinking bout ya, my my baby blue.
Yeah, I'm so jaded,
and baby I'm afraid of you.
La Tortura - Shakira
Ay amor me duele tonto
Que te fueras sin decir a donde
ay amor fue una tortura
(Translated loosely to)
Oh, love hurts my too much
that you left without saying a word
oh my love, it was torture
to lose you.
Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings
umm... Shut Up and Let Me Go
Not Gonna Get Us - t.A.T.u
They're not gonna get us...
We're gonna run, nothing can stop us
Even the night that falls all around us...
Nothing can stop us, not now I love you
They're not gonna get us, not gonna get us.
Don't Dance - 3OH!3
She's as dark as the blood pulsing under her skin
Still afraid of the boogieman under her bed
And we know that ashes in the urn was a person
and we never should've burned him...
Angels - Within Temptation
Sparkling Angel, I believed
You were my savior in my time of need
Blinded by faith, I couldn't hear
All the whispers, the warnings so near
I see the angels, I lead them to your door
There's no escape now, no mercy no more
No remorse cause I still remember....
The smile when you tore me apart.
Comatose - Skillet
I hate living without you
Dead wrong to ever doubt you
My demons lay in waiting
tempting me away.
Oh how I adore you
Oh how I thirst for you
Oh how I need you

Those are just a few on the list. Just wondering - What would you assume from the character by those songs? Leave your guesses, and I'll reveal if any of you are close in the next post. To help, the songs in Red are songs from Kiami's POV, songs in Blue are what other people feel about her. WOOHOO!
I know, scanty information. Are there any characteristics that pop up in your mind?

And, Do you have playlists for particular characters? Moods? Scenes? Leave them (along with best lyrics) in the comments!



Missed Periods said...

I don't have playlists, but again, that's a good idea: to think about what music your character would listen to. I'm gonna get to know my characters better than I know my friends.

Joanne Brothwell said...

I think the songs in Blue are about grief and loss. Perhaps this character has gone through a loss?

Janet Johnson said...

So this character is jaded with a bad attitude, but she/he somehow manages to save the people around her/him and they love him/her.

There's my guess. :)

Marsha Sigman said...

Kiami is in love with a vampire, of course. And she looked at him like an angel but no more. He loves her but cannot be with her and it hurts him as well.

And there may be some other characters that hunt the vampires thrown in there too.

Icy Roses said...

You are not alone. I love creating playlists for my writing! Instead of actually writing sometimes, haha.