Sunday, 4 July 2010

In Yet Another Vacation Post....

Authors! I'm back! Hopefully for more than a day and a half this time! And *drumroll please*
I'm not sick! WOOHOO!
I am, however, achingly, unbelievably sore. As in I cannot walk sore. I hobble. If I'm laying on the couch, I cannot cross one ankle over the other without mega pain.
Why, you ask?
My friends, it's simple! I nearly killed myself!
*not intentionally*
Actually, I just got back from a hike in the Alps. It was amazing, me and 6 other people, all of us between the ages of like 18 and 25, on an intermediate hiking trail up the Le pas du Limon mountain. 4 hours up, 3 down.
.... See the problem? No?
(hint: intermediate)
Alas! I've never been hiking before in my life, and jumping into a trail where one misstep could break your leg at best, kill you at worst, wasn't what I was expecting. That said: it was freaking AWESOME!!
Coming down was harder, at least for me, because my hiking shoes decided they no longer liked me *tear* and set about effectively killing my feet. I now have blisters the size of pennies, and one toe that looks like it's dead because the bruise spreads from the tip of the toe to the bottom of the nail. How do you bruise your toes!?!?
Best part: the people.
Second best part: The view.
We hiked up about 8 kilometers (winding around a fair bit) and camped not quite at the top of the mountain. It was beautiful, and the stars...
Authors! The stars!
We were surrounded by mountains, and beyond those mountains were thunderstorms. But above us it was perfectly clear. I mean, perfectly clear. I've never seen stars that bright. Normally, even if I can see the Milky Way, I have to strain a little - not so this time. And not only that, but the lighting from beyond the mountains would light up the sky.
Have you ever seen lightning light up a clear sky? I didn't even know it could happen!
This is basically an FYI post, I owe quite a few of you emails, and I'll get on them.... sometime tomorrow or the day after. :D I have to get back into the grooooooooooooove. :D So in RECAP:
Alps - Gorgeous
Group of awesome people - Freaking amazing
Feet - Unable to walk across anything more uneven than wood flooring.
Legs - Absolute immovable
Body - Exhausted
Mind - Inspired
Spirit - Restored.
Love you all! Happy Fourth, to you American readers. Happy fourth to everyone else as well! :D


Jade said...

That's awesome. The views, not the pain. I climbed a (small) mountain once, back in my uni days (read: very unfit) and I nearly died. I thought the view was worth it, but then I woke up the next day and couldn't move.

Hopefully the pain leaves soon!

Jen said...

Wow I love that you even though you've never hiked you took the plunge, and even though you're super sore you have something to look back on forever!!! That's awesome!! Rest up and soon you'll be good as new!

My 4th of July turned out beautiful and sunny, glad the hurricane pulled through just in time!

Marsha Sigman said...

Sounds like it was totally worth it!