Friday, 27 August 2010

New Beginnings...

OH MY FLIP it's my last day in France!!!!
HOLY COW! Where did the summer go? Well, I'm not going to pretend I'm not ready to go home. But first, I'd like to say PTL PTL PTL !!!!!
Today has been fantastic!
Part of why I'm late posting today is because I've been busy saying goodbyes. And I've come to the conclusion that I hate goodbyes. But it's okay, because I fully plan on seeing all these people again sometime. Namely: Christmas. Or other times. Because it will happen. :)
But now I'm posting because A) I have an awesome story to tell that will make authors and readers alike feel all warm and fuzzy inside and B) There's no way I canNOT fidget. I'm leaving this country in less than 15 hours!
All right: warm fuzzies time.
So, I've been kind of quiet on the blog about this, and I haven't really thought too much about it because it's depressing, but here it is: I have to leave my books behind in France. My favorite books, the ones I pour over again and again, the ones whose pages are torn and stained from food and water, the books I've kept pristine because I love them so much and the books I've ripped to pieces because I love so much. (By ripped to pieces, I mean carried EVERYWHERE)
They all have to stay. This has caused much repressed distress. (heehee, rhymes)
Cue blessings.
First thing I thought when I woke up today was, "Sleep. More sleep."
The second thing I thought was, "It's my last day in France. Mmmm croissants."
The third thing I thought was, "blogs!"
I didn't get very far before my exciting last-minute packing day became an AWESOME DAY OF AWESOMENESS. And why?
Because of the uber-sweet-awesome-fantasticness that is Tahereh. (I always spell her name wrong, but I think that's correct... hopes?) Most of you, I'm sure, follow her blog, and know what an awesome, encouraging, incredible person and author she is. Part of her awesomeness is the contests she holds, and this particular one was for 100 dollars of book money.
Authorfriends, I cried. Tears of almost unbelievable happiness. Maybe I don't have to bookless in college. Maybe I can have a 'library' of the books I've been dying to read for a year and have been unable to get ahold of without outrageous shipping fees. Maybe life is awesome. Yeah - maybe forget the maybe. :D
My mother's and my friend, Maria, (oh gosh, I know that sentence has horrid grammar, doesn't it?) stopped by. She's such a beautiful, sweet, Christian woman and I adore her. Well, she gave me a going away present... of 100 euros.
Again, I cried.
PTL, this has been a miraculous day, and I'm so inspired to be a more generous person. I've always tried to be, but I want to pass on the blessings in any way I can. I love you all so much, you're all amazing. The next few weeks will have mildly sporadic posting (I'll be switching time zones and moving) but I'll try to at least post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, mmk?
Seriously, you're all amazing.
(sorry if I sound spastic, my brain is deep-fried in happiness)



Summer Ross said...

AWWW thats so wonderful for you, and it sucks to leave your favorite books behind.

Lisa said...

Bon Voyage! Bon Chance! Here's to a new beginning. And so sad about leaving books behind...but think of it this way. Maybe new eyes will graze those words. And fall in love with those stories, too!

Safe travels!

Marsha Sigman said...

Yeahhhhh for you!!! On the winnings and coming home to the states.
Not so much on leaving the books behind because that sucks.

Jackee said...

Sure, just as I find your cute blog, you go away! :o) No really, travel safe and I'm so happy that money miracles have found you. College kids need those more than anyone--I know from past experiences!

Great to "meet" you!

Sangu said...

Sounds like a busy, busy day! Hope you have a safe trip back, and will look forward to seeing you back in the blogging world when things have settled down :-)

Missed Periods said...

Have a safe trip home. I know how you feel about the books. I had to leave many of my favorite books in Australia when I left.

Talli Roland said...

Have a great and safe trip home - it sounds like you had an amazing experience in France. :)

Slushpile Slut said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip!! And I'm glad to hear you're deep fried in happiness, what a cute way to put that :)