Friday, 6 August 2010

No Real Title

In Zero Gravity....
In an Airless Room...
Surrounded by Steel....

Nope, these are NOT ideas for a new novel title (maybe someday?) - these are possible titles for my summer so far. Of course, they're ALL an eeeeeeeeeeeeeensy bit overdramatic, but isn't that just part of the writing process? (hehe)
Titles are important, and we all dream of that ever elusive title that hovers over our sleep, whispering, "I'll turn your unpolished MS into a best-seller, if only you find me! Years from now, english teachers will be boring their students with how incredibly clever I am!" But have you ever tried to title your own actual life?
Phrases my life's title would include:
Misadventures of...
The Mysterious Case of the Lost Pencils
Homework is for Babies
Soda Pop is the Bestest Thing EVERZ!
Barbie Dolls and How to Drive Mom Crazy Until She Buys Them
Nineteen Years of Messy Rooms
How to Enjoy High School as a Geek
My Made-Up Memoirs.

Every phase of life that we go through has it's own title, it's own chapter. Sometimes all the chapters work together beautifully, sometimes they're a little jarring. In the comments, what's the title of your life right now?
(Originally, this was meant to be a post about how I'm going crazy in the city. I've discovered it's exceedingly difficult to write when I don't have grass outside my window or the mountains - at least hills - watching over me. I might just pull a Thoreau, but that's for a later post. :D)
And - How awesome is nature? Is there something that you need to have around you while you write?
Oh, and If you want, you can tell me I'm a total amatuer for not being able to write without my 'muse' of nature. :)


Nicole MacDonald said...

nature is the most beautiful muse

Theresa Milstein said...

Nature is an awesome muse. When I write, I'm surrounded by plants and sunshine. I love when the orchid is blooming.

My current chapter title:

Quivering in Query Quicksand

Marsha Sigman said...

No way! Totally understand about nature helping the muse.

Sometimes I think my life might be a Jerry Springer episode.

Krispy said...

Quarterlife Crisis! Not a very original title, but so very true right now. Stressful times.

Nature does help the muse. It's soothing!