Monday, 16 August 2010

Who is this "Me" Person, and How Does She Blog?

I know I was pretty much absent last week, but you ought to know why - yes, it was the ever-fabulous WriteOnCon! I was so awed by its awesomeness that I couldn't connect with the blogging world this weekend. My mind wouldn't let me. (for those of you not located inside my head - my mind is laughing maniacally right now.)

Part of the awesomeness of WriteOnCon was the advice given about platform and online presence. There were two pieces of advice about blogging that were given over and over -

1. Be regular. You don't have to post every day, but you do have to post regularly.

I admit pathetic failure on this part and full intention to reform. The next couple of months are going to be crazy, but I will put in more effort. You all deserve more than just sporadic posting. (hehe - that makes me giggle. Sporadic. It's just one of those words that makes me laugh. That and 'nose'. DON'T JUDGE ME! :D)

2. Be yourself. If you're not yourself, it'll show, and it will repel, rather than draw in, new followers.

When I first heard this, I thought to myself, "Okay, cool."
The second time I heard this, I thought to myself, "Okay, cool."
Ditto the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, billionth time.
BUT the billionth and first time, I thought to myself, "Wait..."
"Yes?" myself thought back.
"But what if I'm boring?"

That was pretty much where the thoughts ended. Because as fun as it is to pretend I'm a talentless bore.... I don't really think I am. At least, I hope endlessly that I am not.

But I do think that there's sometimes a lack of sincerity on this blog. Not intentionally - but I want to give you all great posts to read, so sometimes I force more than I really have. Which leads to the question...

How do you know if your blog accurately reflects your personality?

For instance - how well do you all know me?

Take LiLa's blog - am I allowed to call them that? o.0 - their distinct personalities shine through in a fun, creative, never-dull way. I don't know their deepest, darkest secrets, but if I met them, I would feel much more comfortable than I would if they were complete strangers.

Would you feel that same way if you met me?

If the answer is no - which it very well may be - then something's wrong.

So keeping a few things in mind (entertaining does NOT mean its personal, don't make this blog entirely about ME and MY PROBLEMS) I've decided to solve this problem in a way that works for me.

I love solving problems. It makes me feel compitent. :)

But before I tell you my brilliant cure to all ingenuine blogging ills, do you have any suggestions? Is this ever a problem you run into? And (because I can't be the only one) when people ever tell you to just be yourself, do you ever reply with a frustrated, "But I don't even know who that IS!"




(P.S. I just had a heart attack with the spell checker - EVERYTHING was in yellow! Turns out the language switched to French... *relieved sigh* So... bad spelling until I figure out to solve this, mmk?)


Tahereh said...


i love your posts!!

BUT! i do know it's always hard when you're not sure how your voice is coming across. i always wonder, too. in fact, most of the time i post something ridiculous i wonder if people are going to think i'm crazy.

which i suppose they do. lol.

but im hoping it's in a good way!

i think sometimes you just have to take a risk -- and hopefully it pays off in the end :)

but yes, sincerity is critical, i think.

Jemi Fraser said...

I agree with Tahereh - you're most certainly NOT boring!

I think being yourself is important - not trying too hard to be something uncomfortable...

I think you're doing a good job :)

Marsha Sigman said...

You are definitely NOT

I love your blog and I feel like I know you, or at least your personality anyway. I don't like to get really personal on my blog except for small snippets but I hope my personality comes through. I am very sarcastic and like to make fun of everything...including myself. But a lot of the time I cuss like a sailor in real life so that is something I keep to myself and off the blog. I think you should be you but the best you that you can be. Does that make sense?

Terry Stonecrop said...

You are definitely not boring! Great tips, too.

I just blather away on my blog and then try to cut to make it reasonable. I sometimes worry, I'm too much myself:)

Love all this pretty red-orange you've got going on. So cheery, I suspect it reflects your personality too!

Missed Periods said...

From your blog, I think you are kind, creative, and quirky. Am I right?