Sunday, 3 October 2010

One of THOSE Books

Friendship is born the moment when one person says to another, "What, you too? I thought I was the only one!" - C.S. Lewis

"You're reading Harry Potter? I LOVE that book!"
"Wait.. that's not The Magician's Apprentice, is it? Are you liking it? Isn't it awesome?"
"You're crying! What, The Sky is Everywhere? Ah, say no more."
"More people need to know about Daphne du Maurier's writing. Let's start a club!"

Sometimes it doesn't have much impact; I don't get all amazed when I see someone reading Twilight or even the The Hunger Games - and yet, if I see someone reading Harry Potter, I do. Why? It can't be popularity of the novel, sometimes it's best when I see stranger-friend reading some obscure book I love. It can't be the lack of popularity because, well, Harry Potter.
So... what is it?
It's entirely personal, I know that much. Hunger Games has that effect on other people, but not me.
THOSE books. The ones that tie bonds with strangers.
I thought it may be because they hold new ideas. And that could be true.
I thought it may be because they tell a story that is relatable. That was closer.
I thought it may be because they capture our imaginations and hearts. That was also close.
But after some more thoughts, I think I understand.
THOSE books are anthems.
"I'm a misfit who escaped into another 'world' of friends."
"I'm swept away by this new talent I never knew I had."
"I've lost someone and I cannot handle it."
"I can't believe that someone actually loves me most. But you say you do."
Anthems of style.
"People keep telling me reading is great, but I just want a story I can love."
"I can handle over-description if the story is well told. I hate bare bone stories."
"I've heard all this before, I need a new way to express what I'm feeling."
"I'm enchanted by this writing, the story is secondary."
Anthems of story.
"I only know that I have to overcome this obstacle, no matter how long it takes."
"I may seem ordinary, but I have this other world inside of me."
"Can there really be something beautiful in this pain? I have to learn to heal."
"Some things matter more than anything. Other things have to burn."

One of THOSE books.
What makes it special to you?


Bridge Marie said...

Interesting thoughts! Especially the "I'm a misfit" one. That's been especially true for me. I've definitely felt that and a lot more of them about Harry Potter. I made one of my best friends at school because I saw she had a Marauder's Map pillow the first day of freshman year. We still live together.

Marsha Sigman said...

Has to be Harry Potter for me too.
But then if I saw someone reading Twilight, I would comment

Janet Johnson said...

It's all about character for me. I have to connect with the character. But I don't often comment when I see someone reading it. Shyness? Maybe.

Great post!

Sandy Shin said...

That is so true. There are certain novels that I bond with others over -- Harry Potter is one of it, and so is Hunger Games to a lesser degree. For me, it's just the amount of passion I feel about the book -- and how open-ended the ending might be (great for discussion points), if it's a mid-series book. :)

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Great post. There are some books that I bond with people over -- mainy The Hunger Games and Occasionally Twilight and HP.
I think if I really love a book, and someone else is reading it I get the urge to kow how they feel about it. :)

Talli Roland said...

I'm with Janet - it's about the character for me too! If I connect to the character then I'm hooked!