Friday, 5 November 2010

Eye Opening

Friends, hello!
And oh my goodness, I fell into the trap. Totally and completely, head over heels into that pit that shouldn't catch any author, but often does.
I fell into the time trap!
*cue scary music*
Okay, so maybe it's too familiar of a problem to be scary. Maybe we all fall into it. But I have way too many excuses for not writing and/or blogging.
I always will.
But writers write. We just do. Whether we have time for it or not.
So no more excuses, deal?
I'll be back to a regular blogging schedule after the weekend. Hopefully I'll find time to visit all your blogs as well, because I miss you all so much! So, with that, I'm off to finish some Bible study and write some words!


Janet Johnson said...

Ah, the time trap. Welcome, welcome. It's a cozy place, really. ;)

Lisa said...

Oh, gosh. I am all too familiar with the time trap...Hang in there! =)

Susan Fields said...

Doesn't it just seem like there's always a million other things that need to be done? But you're right - writers write. Try saying that three times fast. :) I hope you're able to get some good writing time in soon!