Friday, 4 March 2011

It's Go Time

I've read the books.
I've written the novel.
I've edited.
I've checked the websites.
I've edited.
I've circled the blogs.
I've edited.
I've explored the agencies.
Now it's time.
The Final Edit. *
A place I've thought I've been before!
A place I will definitely be again!
A place I am saying I've arrived at because I will go crazy if I don't!
*by final edit, I mean, final edit before submissions*
This is a serious edit. I'm outlining as I go - which I have never done before - and preparing a synopsis. I'm not cutting characters, all those edits were made long ago, but I am smoothing all transitions. Preparing all pages. Making her shiny.
And I'm hoping - hoping hoping hoping - that since it's been awhile since our last edit, I'll find her already well dressed and ready to go.
Are you ready for this?
Am I?
Bring it.


Janet Johnson said...

Yay! Best of luck with that polish. Exciting place to be. :)

Lynn Colt said...

Ooh, final edit stage is exciting. Good luck in querying!

Lisa Aldin said...

AW! Awesomeness! If you need another pair of eyes, I'm here!