Monday, 4 April 2011

There is Light (Contest Winners!!)

Today, tomorrow, this week, this year. What gets us through it? Sometimes it's easy, but usually it's not. How do we do it?
Well, we know it'll get better.
We hope it'll get better.
Speaking of hope... how is your MC doing? Or any character? Is he having a hard time? Have you put him through the usual hoops, bells and whistles, and tortuous adventures yet? How is getting through?
Hope is important, and that isn't a newsflash. When people dismiss hope, they give up completely. Refuse to play the game. Characters (and people) just... stop. In some way or another.
There are a couple different types of hope -
1) Concrete Hopes: An actual object/event your character is hoping for. Sally hopes she'll get a new Ford Fiesta. Ermine hopes her smug and talented boss will get off his high horse and fall in love with her. Testa hopes his village won't be completely destroyed by the passing army.

2) Liquid Hope: This hope isn't quite as solid and easy to grasp, but is just as important. It's also often less specific. Hoping that someday the evil captain will will change, that one day Cara will get a lead role, that a home will still be in tact in three years.

3) Sky Hope: This one, more than the others, is the hope that moves people. It's almost undefined hope. Someday we'll be free. People will know my name. Things will change.

What is your MC's main concrete hope? Liquid? Sky?

And now.... the winners of my 100 follower contest!!! :) Yay!!!

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Also, Bethany made me laugh with her writing story (so she gets bragging rights!): I found an agent that I loved and really wanted to query. I spent a ton of time getting a submission packet together, checked and double checked, felt sure that everything was perfect, clickced SEND. There was just one thing I took for granted...

I spelled my name wrong.

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Joanne Brothwell said...

I think my mc's hope is sky hope, that one day the world will be free of monsters.

L.G.Smith said...

Hmm, I think my MC's hope would be sky as well. She wants peace and a new era of prosperity. She also wants the handsome guy beside her, so maybe that one is a little more concrete.

poetsforpeanuts said...

Hi Bethany, thank you for adding my blog! My MC is currently undergoing a metaphysical transformation, which I'm doing a wonderful job of botching... not sure if there's enough concrete hope to make the plot hang together. Guess it's time for ANOTHER rewrite! :)

Talli Roland said...

I think sky, too. Love how you've defined it.