Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Getting Packed...

is a lot like a final look-through/edit just before a request for a full.
No really!
Think about it: You definitely SHOULD'VE done this final look through earlier - packed the night before - even though you've edited the story a bajigazimillion times before. You KNOW how this editing thing goes. Packing is an old story.

You've got the basics pretty well set: underwear, enough t-shirts and jeans, tooth brush, socks. Characterization, grammar, pacing, plot.

Then you've got the extras: Jewelry, make-up, stylin shoes, purse. Plot twists, witty dialogue, beautiful and brief description.

You've got the extra appeals and survival items: perfume, bandaids, a candy bar, some water. Pretty query letter, beta readers with the 'OK it's ready!', a cheerleader, and chocolate laid by for rejections.

And there's probably something you've forgotten. Toothpaste, contact solution, your grandma's earrings. That typo on page 15, your name is misspelled (or worse, the agent's name!).

Oh, and the stuff you don't REALLY need: that extra set of make up (JUST IN CASE), fifteen books you know you won't have time to read, a few more candybars. Gushing flattery, a purely descriptive sentence in the query, not just your address but your blog, linkedin profile, myspace, and facebook account. :)

What do you think? Can you relate? What part of the final (final) draft is hardest for you?

Now off to finish packing for Florida!!



Nicole MacDonald said...

*whispers* letting go!! ;p
Re-edited vsn of The Arrival now up and just .99c for May ONLY

L.G.Smith said...

Yes, I can relate. I got a full request right in the middle of doing a revision. So now I'm frantically going over the check-list to see what else needs to go in (or come out) of the suitcase before I send it off.

Florida? Really? Have fun.

Marsha Sigman said...

Always feeling like I am forgetting something. That's the hardest part of both those

Missed Periods said...

The hardest thing about the final draft is that it never seems final. It's like I unzip the suitcase, exchange one shirt for another, zip it back up, unzip it...