Friday, 3 June 2011

The Unlikely Pattern of Love Triangles

Can we pleeeease talk about this for a moment? This wildly popular, quickly-becoming-overdone thing?
By which I mean, love triangles.
Especially this scenario:

Heroine has awesome, kickass abilities, but inside she's still kind of a shy, awkward teen - relatable, but still fun, quirky, and upbeat.

Best friend / shy new acquaintance / older brother of friend has to help her with some dangerous thing he had no idea she was involved in.

Cue bad boy - who can be a new acquaintance/older brother of a friend but NEVER an old friend - and the sparks fly.

Steady, kind-hearted old friend (who is madly in love with heroine) gets angry and overly protective.

Bad boy has fun and is instantly attractive to heroine.

The two guys begin to fight, while hapless heroine (kickass and independent left the second bad boy entered the room) merely watches. Usually thinking something along the lines of, "I never pictured this happening to me."

Sounds at all familiar?

Now, love triangles happen, I know. But the scenario above? In real life? Not so much. Because, at least at my old high school, teenage boys rarely had that deep, sincere "I'll fight to the death for you" feeling about a new friend - about anyone.

What about you, readers? Do you find this a problem? Do you mind it? Do you enjoy it?


Marsha Sigman said...

It's not very realistic at all, is it?lol You should read The Body Finder if you haven't yet. Kimberly Derting did a great job of not giving into that cliche love triangle.

I'm definitely staying away from it myself too.

Missed Periods said...

I just finished watching a movie with a love triangle, Never Let Me Go, and I was just thinking how played out it was.

Janet Johnson said...

How true about reality! I had the triangle thing going, and definitely no fighting involved.

Great point.

Richard said...

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Phil Hall said...

This sort of trope is popular because it's magnetic to young, impressionable, awkward girls. They LOVE the idea that they're so special that two people would be willing to go all "Thunderdome" over her.

I've never seen it happen--ever. But it's popular, and it sells, so it's probably not going anywhere.