Monday, 25 July 2011

I'm Back! (P.S. Pitch Contest!)

Hello to everyone! I've missed you all more than I can say. :)
Well, I'm back from the Tri-Cities, and it was a wonderful visit. I saw my friends (wonderful) I swam in a pool (wonderful) and I got a bit of a tan (wonderful)!

Now I'm back in beautiful, rainy Western Washington, and I'm happy to be home. Because this is home now, and the Tri-Cities is a fantastic, nostalgic vacation spot.

Isn't that kind of how it is with novels?

Say you have one WIP. It's where you spend all your time, passion, and heart - it's home. But there comes a time when you need to send it out, to move on, and to keep writing. And a lot of times, your second WIP is quite different from your first.

From this:


To This:


There are times you want to go back. Times you need that old taste of comfort. But in the end, you have have to move on.

What was it like 'moving away from' your last WIP? Did the Shiny New One help?

OH! There's this AWESOME Pitch Contest over at Chanelle's blog with her agent Victoria Marini! Check it out, it looks awesome!


Talli Roland said...

Glad you're back and that you had a good trip!

Laila Knight said...

Oohh, you had a I'm always glad to be back as long as I have tons of pics to show for. Yes, it's great to move on to the second book. :)

Lauren W. said...

Welcome back! Bellingham is so beautiful! I've yet to experience moving on to a whole other book world, but I'm sure it will be tough. Probably made especially difficult if you spent many years on a series.

L.G.Smith said...

Wow, Bellingham is beautiful.

I've moved on to a new project, though it is the prequel to the last novel I wrote. Feels great to start something new. Very exciting. Also, it's healthy to let the other novel go for awhile. Don't think it's going to sell, so I might as well let it sit.

Marsha Sigman said...

I've done completely different projects so far and it's great. A chance of scene is totally healthy.

Glad you're back!!

Emy Shin said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip!

Moving away from the old WiP to the SNI is definitely awesome if it's the right Idea. :)

Janet Johnson said...

Welcome back! And Bellingham looks beautiful!

As for my WIPs, I wonder if I'll ever be able to fully move away from them . . . :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful trip! :)

I'm about to move away from my WIP and start a second novel--that I am determined to finish this time.

Carrie Butler said...

I haven't moved away from my manuscript yet, but I'm getting close to packing. ;) Great post!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bellingham looks like a beautiful place to live. Very pretty.

As for my WIP? I wish I could leave it, but the stubborn mule in me insists on completion.

Sangu said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip!

You know, I wish I could answer that question. But I've been working on the same manuscript for two years now so I've forgotten that feeling of 'moving away'. That said, I should be finished with final edits next month - though it probably won't be till my publisher sends me the first bound copies that I'll begin to feel like I'm moving 'away'. Something shiny and new always helps!