Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Summer Sparks!

All right, I'm back to my regular blogging schedule. Woohoo! To everyone who read the poem I posted last week, thank you for your lovely comments! It wasn't a reflection of my life at the time, but I do love that poem. :) (which is nice, because I don't like most of the poetry I write!)

(Insert awkward transition here) (Really, I can't think of anything)

I may be wrong on this, but summer seems like a very dreary time for writers. The whole industry seems on vacation, but authors seem to be struggling the most. I totally get it - writing is great on dark, stormy nights and chilly winter days. Who doesn't love a good book in the golden red colors of autumn or the first chilly breezes of spring? But summer is difficult.

So, I though today should be an inspiration day! If you didn't see Elana Johnson's post about song lyrics, you should check it out immediately. :)

I'm going to post a few pictures, music videos, and quotes/lyrics that inspire me today. In the comments, you should totally do the same! We can be an inspiration bank!

Here are a few (gorgeous) pictures that remind me of my (YA) WIP:

A few more that remind me of my other (fantasy) WIP:

And some inspiring music!!!

And some quotes!

"So he shall never know how I love him: and that, not because he's handsome, but because he's ore myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." - Wuthering Heights

"My task which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel - it is before all to make you see. That, and no more, and it is everything. " Joseph Conrad

"The evil are guilty and create law. The good are innocent and create justice" Terry Pratchett.

"Without change, something sleeps inside us and seldom wakens. The sleeper must awaken." Frank Herbert's Dune

"You're alive!"
"Of course. You think a minor thing like the end of the world was going to do me in?"
-Final Fantasy

"And none has conquered but love." -Antigone

"Blow on the coal of the heart.
The candles in the church are out
The lights have gone out in the sky.
Blow on the coal of the heart
And we'll see by and by..." - J.B.

What inspires you today?


Jenna Blake Morris said...

Thanks for this! It was a great idea to post all the inspiration -- summer is definitely a lazy writing time for me.

I especially like the first picture and the last one.

Christina Lee said...

Oh my goodness-- you can see the difference in the two sets of pics--made of awesome!

Laila Knight said...

Oohh, that was way cool. I like the fantasy ones the best. I wish I could post one of mine on here for you to see, but it won't let me copy and paste. :)

Carrie Butler said...

I totally agree. Summer is the worst time for writing. There are so many distractions! Great post, though. I love the inspiration. :)

Emy Shin said...

Yay, I'm glad you're back to the blogosphere!

Ooh, thanks for posting these inspirations. I agree with Christina -- you can really see the difference between the two sets of pictures.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss that poem?!

That was an excellent snapshot of emotions, Bethany. My favorite line was "give me a story and it'll break me inside."

Like the others, hope it is based on your fictional slant, that being fantasy rather than real-life. You're too nice a girl to hurt like that.

L.G.Smith said...

I've started a new novel, but the distractions of summer are very shiny and sparkly and my eye leaves the page more than I want to admit. You're right, hibernating inside by a warm fire is much more conducive to getting work done. Winter is coming << said in Sean Bean's voice from Game of Thrones. :)

Love the quotes.

Marsha Sigman said...

Awesome post, as usual. Love the pics and the one with the shoes reminds me of my wip!

Love the quotes too.

One of my fav poems is 'Stop All The Clocks' by W.H. Auden. I guess I'm thinking about how little time we have to pursue our dreams today because of what happened in Norway and Amy Winehouse.

It inspires and motivates me to keep going.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Your confortable pause cracked me up.

I would love to write more during the summer. Too bad my kids won't let me. Okay, they'll let me, but they'll be destroying the house at the same time.

Lydia K said...

I loved that video with the drawing and dancing. Totally inspiring!!!

Lauren W. said...

What a great idea! Inspiration post! I LOVE the fantasy pics, they're gorgeous. It's so hard on a beautiful summer day to spend it at a desk. Maybe it's good that I'm stuck in the editing stage since it might not be possible for me to get in the right mindset to create anew anyway.

Lynda R Young said...

lol at the Final Fantasy quote.
It's winter here in Australia so I'm having a great time snuggled up in a blanket. I'm getting a lot of writing, revisions, and reading done.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Summer is totally a dreary time for writers! The publishing scene tends to be a bit quiet and I don't think the extreme heat inspires creativity.

Phil Hall said...

You might think this odd, but the thing that inspires me most to write is when people like what I write! Positive feedback loop, if you will.

Nancy Thompson said...

Ha! I live in Seattle where it's ALWAYS dark and stormy. No wonder I never have a hard time finding words.

Great post! I just found the inspiration for my next book in the lyrics of a song I heard for the first time yesterday. ("Issues" by Escape the Fate - awesome inspiration)

Janet Johnson said...

My inspiration is a good book, so those quotes work for you. But other bloggers inspire me a lot too! :)

And loved those first pics especially. Very cool!

Lisa Gail Green said...

Great inspiration!! I usually have songs that represent different WIPs and characters. Of course I can't think of anything off the top of my head :P

Missed Periods said...

Today, I was inspired to write because it meant that I didn't have to grade.

Talli Roland said...

Love the photos. Today, I'm inspired by... er... wine?