Monday, 11 July 2011

Well, Hello!

Hello everyone! It's a beautiful morning over here in Bellingham and I thought I'd go enjoy it for a little while. :) In the meantime, however, I have a couple of questions for you!

1. What is the hardest part of the query process for you? (Other than rejection)
2. What is the best part of writing for you?
3. Do they balance each other out, or is one stronger than the other?

Things to think about on Monday!


OH, P.S.! I recently made a book trailer for The Voice of Asheva, want to see? It's pretty short. :)


Talli Roland said...

I'm not querying, but I do remember how soul-crunching a rejection can be. But the process of creating something more than balances it out for me.

L.G.Smith said...

Not only is querying a soul-sucking experience it is a total time suck as well. It takes forever to research agents. You have to read their interviews, look up their clients and peruse their blogs and tweets and e-mail. Er, maybe not that last one. :P

I don't enjoy the query process AT ALL. Makes me grumpy.

Marsha Sigman said...

Hardest part of query process? Writing it.

Best part of writing?
Writing it.

Yeah, they balance each other out really well.

Francine Howarth said...


Rejection is like water off a duck's back for me. Been there done the publishing route before - years ago - then fell off the publishing merry-go-round. I recently secured a new publishing contract, but not before loads of reject letters. Think of querying like buying a lottery ticket, if you're not in you don't have a chance of winning it. ;)

Great book trailer. I've just done one for a historical. Darn sight simpler one than yours, though. I wanted it to emulate pages of a book caught by a light breeze and flipping over. That's my excuse!! :o


Anonymous said...

Great questions, Bethany!

The hardest part of writing a query, for me anyway, is getting the word count down.

As for writing, the hardest part is getting my word count UP.


Morgan said...

Your book trailer looks great. It definitely got me interested and wanting to know more.

Yeah, the hardest part about the query for me too is writing it. And then maybe editing it to make sure it's concise, but includes everything.

And the hardest part about writing is getting through the random roadblocks that pop up, or getting back into it. Whenever I get really into it,both when coming up with ideas and when writing, it becomes rewarding.

Phil Hall said...

1. Making a query that a majority of other people like. Yes, I like it, but will someone else? Queries, as far as I can tell, are a broken mechanism, but we have no alternative, so we're stuck with them.

2. Just telling the story...not worrying about audience, dynamics, and grammar...just the tale itself.

3. #2 is definitely stronger. Definitely.

The Golden Eagle said...

I love your trailer! I'm intrigued by the mentions of how time passes slowly--and how it's also bringing them closer to war. Great music, too. :)

I've never queried, so I don't really have an answer to your first question; although the part that I would (at this point) think would be the hardest would be waiting for a reply.

My favorite part of the writing process is the first draft--I don't have to worry so much about plot, character development, or the nitty gritty details. I can just write.

Lynda R Young said...

1. getting off my porverbial and just doing it, getting the words right (it's a different type of writing) and all the waiting.

2. story creating.

3. the process of writing is the best thing ever and the drag of the querying is a small price to pay. ;)

Lauren W. said...

LOVE the trailer Bethany! Awesome job!

I would have to say the worst part of querying is getting your hopes up. When an agent is interested in the partial and then requests the full, waiting for their reply is excruciating!

The best part of writing is knowing when you've really captured exactly what you wanted to capture--totally priceless.

Nancy Thompson said...

Well, there's nothing good about querying. I don't have a problem writing the query. I've written probably 15 for the one novel I've written. the problem lies in not knowing if you've put all the important parts into it and left all the irrelevant parts out. Does it pique the agent's interest? That's impossible to know. I hate querying.

But I love everything about writing. Everything. Even when it's bad, it's still exciting.

Part of my love of writing is my quest to get my ms published, so while I hate querying, I have to do it. That's the point of MY writing. So I'll have to find a balance though the scale leans heavily to one side.

Leslie Rose said...

The hardest part of the query process for me is writing a query I really fall in love with. I torture my crit. partners through many versions. The querying itself is no picnic either, but worth it for those golden agent requests for more.