Monday, 15 August 2011

The Wanderer Returneth!

So, I'm back from Cannon Beach. *phew* What a vacation! I didn't bring my camera (sadly) but here are some pictures of the most GORGEOUS beach in the whole continental US. Ready?

Cannon Beach has all my favorite things: the Pacific, mountains, trees, sand, and seafood. :) We stayed at Cannon Beach Conference Center, a Christian family camp we've been going to since I was five, and met a lovely family sleeping next door. We ate together and played cards and dice, and in a couple weeks we're going to visit them up in Canada - only like an hour away.

I'm not going to say how many words I wrote, because the fact of the matter is, I don't care. When I'm at Cannon Beach, words flow from me fairly freely, and I just get caught up in the joy that is writing. There's no end-goal, there's no publishing dream, there's no word count. Just writing.
And that sums up Cannon Beach. The rest of the world waits for a week, and all the aching dreams, the tired bodies, and the weary hearts are tended to - restored.

Now that I'm back, I can't WAIT to check out all the blogs and see what you all are up to!! And getting back to writing - I'm at the point where I really need to plot a little bit.

So here's my question: do YOU need a vacation? :)



Laila Knight said...

Those are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Cheers to your writing dreams. :)

The Golden Eagle said...

I love the pictures! Especially the last one with the sun behind the rock/island.

Hurray for writing! :)

L.G.Smith said...

I'm always ready for a vacation. I think I might have to look into going to the pacific northwest again. Beautiful pics.

Lauren W. said...

Your pics remind me of the beaches I went to in Oregon years ago. It really is such a unique beach. Makes me want to go back!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures!!!!! I've never been to the West Coast, but these make the destination all the more enticing. Thanks for sharing!

Carrie Butler said...

I'm so jealous, but I'm glad you had fun! It seems like a beautiful place. :) Sadly, I don't even remember the last time I went on vacation. <.<

Missed Periods said...


Talli Roland said...

WOW! Looks fantastic. And oh... do I ever.

Christina Lee said...

omg omg omg what amazing photos!