Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Casting Call!

My post for Rule of 3 will be up tomorrow - it's been a great blogfest!
And now for a bloghop!

Check out the rules and linky list here at Carrie Butler's blog. Basically, I'm introducing you to a few of my characters. :) Since I'm a nerd, instead of choosing actors, I grabbed video game characters. :)


Introducing The Mercenaries:

Van (only a few years older)

Occupation: Mercenary/Medic
Past Occupation: Soldier
Weapon of Choice: Twin Daggers
First Words in the Story: "Narrow escape."
Last (So far): "Part of the plan, I suppose?"
Why He's Awesome: He's a deserter from the king's army, but never lets the danger of being caught keep his tongue under control.


Occupation: Mercenary
Past Occupation: Eastern Hunter
Weapon of Choice: Longbow
First Words in the Story: "That horse shrieked when it went down. Soldiers are coming."
Last (So far): "Take her to The Dragon."
Why She's Awesome: An Eastern Hunter with violet hair, tattoos, and hella aim, Kass's glare hurts just as much as her arrows. Van is a frequent victim.


Occupation: Mercenary
Past Occupation: Student at the High Rise Grounds
Weapon of Choice: Deathmagic (Not a gun, that's just the picture)
First Words in the Story: "That's the last thing we need."
Last (So far): "I've done things worth death. Killing him wasn't one of them."
Why She's Awesome: Um. Deathmage. Oh, and she's certifiable.

There are the characters!


Carrie Butler said...

Oh, I love that you used video game characters! It got me thinking. If I had to do my cast based on video games, I'd probably go with (the RE5 version of) Chris Redfield for my male lead (Wallace). Rowr. Oo, and if I went with a RE5 theme, the blonde version of Jill could play my MC (Rena)! Perfect! *grins*

Great work, and thank you for participating! Your cast looks/sounds awesome. :)

L.G.Smith said...

"Take her to the Dragon." = awesome!

Fun characters. And I'm not surprised they're, um, "virtual".

Marsha Sigman said...

I think I want that arm

Great pics and I'm lovin' that last line.

Cassie Mae said...

Awesome characters!

Tyrean Martinson said...

I love that you used video game characters too. These are awesome pictures!!! And I so want to read your story, it sounds exciting and awesome, and fun.
Thanks for sharing.

The Golden Eagle said...

Your cast sounds awesome! :)

Morgan said...

Your cast and characters both look and sound awesome! I'm loving the last one-she looks like she could come across as innocent, but is anything but.

JeffO said...

I agree with L.G.: 'Take her to the dragon' is a great line. Very well done, Bethany.

Bonnie Rae said...