Thursday, 27 October 2011

I'm Failing Life - And Loving It

So, today did not go according to plan.
I didn't write a word
I missed posting on the Rule of 3 Blogfest
I discovered a few major bad things about my plot
I had a minor breakdown
Then I took about 20 minutes and danced the hell out of rock music.

Here's what I've learned.

Maybe NaNoWriMo isn't the greatest thing for everyone. Here's what I mean - I've been rushing at NaNo pace to get my current WIP ready by the time it starts. This means by writing has been horrible, I haven't gotten editing done as I go (which is the best way for me to write) and I plot fell all to hell in the interest of 'get it done'.

So here's my deal: I will do NaNo, I will not probably write 50K. I just can't. I haven't had fun writing this, and even though I know writing is not about having fun, there's something off about my schedule the past few days. I've missed out on tons of social deals because of writing, I'm missing classes, I'm rushing. And for a half-baked MS. Nope, not for me.

I am bummed about not finishing the Rule of 3, which is SUCH a cool deal, but I would've posted too late and I just had nothing left. I could not write a word. I need to get some physical activity. I need to run, to walk, to dance, to jump, to stretch. I need to be a college student.

I love writing. If I don't write a word through my college life, I'll die. But my first priority is school, kicking ass and taking names.

*PHEW* Rant over.

I really love you all. You know that, right?
Now who wants to dance the hell out of the Eagles with me?



L.G.Smith said...

I would go over the deep end if I tried to write 50K in one month. Everything else in my life would have to stop, including taking showers and sleeping. That wouldn't be pleasant for anyone. :P

Slamdunk said...

You do have to keep things in perspective with the importance of school. There will be other times in your life when writing can jump to the front.

Laila Knight said...

Sounds stressful. You can't take the entire world upon your shoulders, and you certainly can't rush the writing. Do what feels right for you. Have a great weekend. :)

Cassie Mae said... glad you have them :) They make life a lot less overwhelming.

Sangu said...

This is a great way to look at things. You can't do everything. As long as you're happy with your priorities, that's all that matters!

Angela Brown said...

Great rant.

Now, Lets rock out!!!

*get that air guitar and dance until you perspire (because girls don't have to sweat when we work hard)*

Lauren W. said...

Just enjoy life. You'll never be a happy writer if you don't. The words will follow. Keep dancing!

Carrie Butler said...

Yes! More dancing! I'm in! :)